Blogger and YouTube, the great allies of beauty brands

Beauty brands

Bloggers and YouTubers have become an essential tool for campaigns to promote brands. If the celebrities were the most coveted brands, earlier fashion influencers today are different: they have very loyal fans, higher levels of confidence and in many cases cheaper rates. However, more interesting is that they are effective in

Social data are very useful for businesses but most still do not know how to take match

Social Data

Only 29% of companies believe that analyze this information can be a competitive advantage. Social networks not only represent a content distribution channel or direct contact with the client unquestionable value, they are also a constant source of information about consumers. And in the era of big data, all companies want

4 recurring challenges that manufacturers face in marketing influencers

Online Marketing

As marketing becomes popular influencers, the challenges are increasing and things are becoming more difficult. The “influencers marketing” is increasingly fashionable. Brands have understood that in the universe of social networks these figures have become increasingly important and more crucial to connect with the consumer. They have to change strategy and need

The pop-ups ads end up causing damage on the perception of advertiser

Online Marketing

Abuse intrusive advertising is throwing the Internet into the arms of the ad blockers. The online advertising industry has tried to combat banner blindness (which makes the user does not pay attention to the ads present in the current page) in every possible way. One that has succeeded is especially betting