How ICT can help your business grow


Businesses can improve the efficiency of different business processes – production, sales and administration – reduce costs and increase their competitiveness through the use of Information Technology and Communication (ICT). In addition to improving the efficiency of business processes, the use of ICT is particularly important for marketing and sales for search

4 tips to be a successful web designer

Web designer

Being freelance web designer is a job with many possibilities, since, as Internet continues to exist, continue to raise demand for such services, resulting in one of the skills most required by businesses today. Although there is variety of courses on web design, there are many skills that can be

Build a website: Resources and Help

Build a website

Building a website is no longer difficult as it once was. In fact, they were born on the web, many services that allow even novice user to build a website using facilitated and automated procedures. Today I want to propose a set of resources that allow you to build a

How To Make a Website On

Website On WordPress

How to make a website? This is the question that many users are there; here is a possible answer. To do that you can rely on the WordPress site! WordPress fact is not only a famous CMS for managing websites, but also gives you the ability to have a site immediately ready to be

New Web of typescript 2

Script Type 2 is the second version of JavaScript Extensibility set that allows a typed programming, object – oriented and compiled into EAMC 3 or higher. At first I was faced with resistance in the community, but gradually have been gaining users to receive the final accolade with the announcement

5 WordPress plugins to create Landing Page

WordPress plugins

If you are looking to increase sales and conversions on your blog or website, the landing page is one of the best tools to achieve this. Its main goal is to convert visitors into potential customers, so you may find it very interesting if you want to highlight a product and increase sales of your online business. But not

The ten cause and effect must know the seller

Know the seller

Companies every day more value the skills and competencies that must have a commercial: empathy, assertiveness, communication skills, active listening, and emotional intelligence? It is these much more difficult qualities to find other employees. For this reason, according to recent studies published by public and private entities, one of the most popular