backup Windows 10

How to backup Windows 10: Protect your data with File History, Iperius Backup, System Image and with Cloud Storage

The computer becomes, year after year, more and more present in the lives of each of us. Inside his hard disk are saved working documents, sensitive data, memories and, for some, a whole life. Remembering to backup is essential. Here are the right steps!

The data on your PC is valuable. Whether it’s personal files, photos, music or a large download of an operating system, it’s always wise to create a  Windows 10 backup to avoid being without data in case of problems.

My Office

The new Office for Windows 10 app reminds us that Office online can be used for free

Microsoft announced a few hours ago the availability of the Office application for Windows 10. This tool is the evolution of the old “My Office”, and allows to centralize the workflow with office documents, but also reminds us something important.

It does so because from this application we can create and edit Office documents for free as it will link them to the free service, the free alternative to Office 365. And if we have the suite installed, we can work directly with those applications that this client will detect automatically.

Office 2019 Thanks, Microsoft, for not abandoning those who do not want software subscriptions

Office 2019: Thanks, Microsoft, for not abandoning those who do not want software subscriptions

What a surprise it gave to some Microsoft yesterday. Those responsible for the development of Office announced that Office 2019 – “the next perpetual update of Office” – would arrive in the second half of 2018.

That would not normally call too much attention, but the truth is that for some – and I include myself – the software subscription model that seemed to be imposed with Office 365 does not quite materialize. Paying to one time has its advantages, so Microsoft, I can only say one thing: thank you.

Windows Vista

No! Windows Vista is not the worst operating system in Microsoft’s history and these are the reasons

Microsoft has done everything in these last two decades in terms of operating systems. It has entertained us, of course, with versions that have had as many successes as mistakes but with the constant aim of trying to bring information to all types of users.

In the family of Windows operating systems there are evidently versions that have passed with more fortune for our computers than others. Microsoft said goodbye yesterday to Windows Vista, and now many are again wondering if Windows Vista was the worst operating system in Microsoft’s history.


Microsoft is no longer and will not be the Windows company, it is the company of artificial intelligence and the cloud

Or that’s what Satya Nadella wants, which knocked Terry Myerson out of the way and almost to the Windows division a few days ago. He did humiliating the latter to occupy a discreet background to make way for the Microsoft of the future.

For Microsoft Windows it does not seem too important anymore. What matters is artificial intelligence and the cloud , the two fundamental legs of a strategy that wants to look to the future almost forgetting a platform that put Microsoft where it is now.

free video editor

Are you looking for free options to edit video in Windows? These five applications can be a good alternative

Many times we use our equipment to edit sound or video files well, and when the time comes, we may be assailed by doubts about which program we should or should use. There is a wide variety of tools that we can use in Windows, almost unattainable, so choosing the best existing application is not always easy. Especially now that Movie Maker has passed to a better life.