Google AdWords

How to save money in a Google AdWords campaign

Is it possible to run a campaign on effective Google AdWords with a limited budget?

When an entrepreneur is about to invest in advertising, a very common concern is that his budget is not enough to compete with some of his competitors, who may be investing huge amounts of money in marketing campaigns.

But there’s good news regarding Google AdWords: although having a large budget will help you get results much faster, there are ways you can make a good AdWords campaign even with a small investment.

email marketing strategy

How to build lists for an effective email marketing strategy

Building an effective digital marketing strategy means evaluating numerous possibilities trying to find solutions that are consistent with the objectives. It is necessary to be constantly updated on the increasingly rapid evolution of the tools, with small big news now on the agenda. In this dynamic and compelling context there are pillars on which digital marketing continues to stand despite the various “zero point” upgrades of the web. It is about those certainties present from the beginning that over time do not lose strokes and enjoy a health that improves punctually. We are talking about e-mail and its constant importance in the development of a successful digital strategy.


Does your company take care of your channel on YouTube?

We do not stop to hear that the Internet is a showcase. Another place to exhibit our products. Time passes, we are aware that online shoppers are increasing, and yet we leave our fate to our brand in a social network.

Without taking care of their image, nor to the clients that, expose their doubts, complaints and criticisms. If the more human you show a company more valuable your image, rectify eliminating our presence in a network or video channel, will be the best. Especially if we do not plan to share content.


The war of modern companies to kill the mail

Collaboration tools can help to reduce email volume by 30% and make it 33% faster for teams to draft documents, thanks to features such as instant messaging or file storage easily shareable cloud. And yet, there are still many who insist that e-mail continues to be the main method of communication, collaboration and sharing of your company.

Already in 2012, Harvard Business Review estimated that workers could increase productivity by 20-25% if they used collaboration tools such as ChatWork, already present in more than 121,000 companies worldwide, as these can accelerate many of the little things Which are constant sources of delays and interruptions at work. Although they have been talking about them for a long time, it seems that is now when companies are really starting to see all their possibilities, possibilities that in the area of leisure and personal relationships have been for years.

Are we facing the decline of the email?

It was not born as such, but e-mail ended up becoming the main communication and collaboration tool, so much so that it is estimated to be the most common form of human-based interaction based on technology. However, there is also a constant background noise that points to his glory days may be coming to an end.

That is also why websites such as Email is not dead, according to which there are more than 4.350 million email accounts in the world and forecasts say we will reach 5.59 billion in 2019, representing a growth of more than 26%.

In addition, and despite the increasing use of instant messaging applications, social networks and other forms of communication, e-mail continues to show the most consistent growth, since not surprisingly many of the collaboration tools require an email account to Be able to register and use them.

ONLINE MARKETING on price labels

How to do online casino marketing?

Marketing… We have all heard of this word. Marketing is the process of promoting a business to find potential customers. This simple concept has been important since the emergence of online services, as it is more difficult to sell a product online than in a shop. For instance, if you are looking for a dress, you walk through many shops until you find the perfect dress that suits you. However, when it comes to online services, people are always a little bit reluctant to adventure themselves as the physical touch is missing.


Benefits of Diversifying Your Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ve finally decided to branch out and engage in digital marketing for your business promotion. You’ve come to the realization that traditional methods of advertising like television, radio and print aren’t sufficient on their own. Digital methods allow you to reach more of your customers. Even after setting up social media profiles and engaging with potential clients online, you’re not seeing the kinds of results you had hoped. Don’t despair. Chances are you are simply lacking in diverse media channels. Choosing one or two places online to focus your efforts isn’t enough. The key to gaining a strong customer base is putting your product or service in front of a wider audience through several methods. Read on to learn about the benefits of diversifying your digital marketing strategy. With this knowledge you’ll be on the road to digital marketing success.


FlowUp: How to monitor the performance of your Android and iOS apps

All members of Karumi have been developing applications for Android or iOS for years, and it is curious to observe how all believe that we have long been developing applications almost blind. To solve this problem we decided to create from scratch FlowUp, the platform monitoring real -time applications for Android and iOS that we are developing.

Marketing influencers

8 trends that are changing the marketing influencers

The marketing influencers has become fashionable: brands are betting increasingly by it and are increasingly using these professionals to connect with their audiences, as they have realized that through them achieve better results and get better figures . Influencers help connect with the audience at a level that brands struggle to produce.

But beyond the marketing influencers is growing increasingly in this field also can find several points that are changing the agenda and that brands need to consider before embarking on the conquest of it or during strategy.Things are evolving all the time and different trends do not stop changing the face of marketing influencers. In an analysis in the journal Forbes, an expert on the subject (John Hall, CEO of Influence & Co., a firm specializing in influencers) marked what 8 trends are now changing the world of marketing influencers.

personalized marketing

Tips to encourage engagement with personalized marketing

Personalized marketing is the way in which the marketing communicates directly with the customer to offer exactly what it needs.

The marketing has many identities and must know how to take advantage of one way or another depending on each case. To improve the engagement has launched various actions with positive results and one of the most important is the personalized marketing. This is the way in which the marketing communicates directly with the customer to offer exactly what it needs.