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You want to be successful in online marketing? Here are 5 tips that may help you

To be effective in marketing online, one of the best tips that you can follow is to find other people who are successful at it and imitate their work habits. If you do what you do, you will most likely achieve what they achieve.

At first they do not always apply to specific tactics (some might work as a pay per click, or PPC, the current strategy might not work within a year). But the character traits and habits that lead to the discovery and successful application of tactics will always be beneficial.

These are the five habits of highly effective online marketers….


Fast, simple and intuitive: The keys to conquer the consumer eCommerce

Everyone has had this feeling when you have to make changes in a large area for the first time. You go, confident, to the box to say you want to change a product or go to specific linear where they sell it, consider your problem (possibly after waiting for sedateness a couple of consumers who had arrived earlier), the clerk hears (although some in body language tells us that we will not solve our problem) and after hearing all matters reminds us that catchall called customer. One has to go, then possibly come back to take the product for which you want to change, make a few queues and a half later before managing to lose solve it touches: one feels lost time.

The same is true when you are trying to make a change (and more a claim for bad service!) With the telecommunications operator shift or when trying to buy something in some online stores that have not been designed with the consumer in the mind. To do countless clicks to find what you want (or tell our problem to those who seem million robots while ‘operator, operator’ is repeated like an incantation to speak to a human, one that does not always work?) And quite likely that in the way you feel tempted to throw in the towel directly. Why? Why I’ll get me a postgraduate degree in that mark (that’s what you feel you are doing) to buy that product? Unless the mark is the sole owner of the product and unless that is the only online store that sells it, the consumer will end up fleeing to the competition.

Reviews and analysis

Why is increasingly relying on reviews and analysis online videos before buying ?

When you do not know how a product you bought, when looking how to adapt it to their own needs or when you simply want to access more information about it to use works best, one of the tools that are often used is to lay hands on internet especially the videos that someone answers all these questions. YouTube (more usually) has become a kind of oracle who ask about anything from how to change a gas cylinder to how to use a blender or how to improve the results of this food processor that have given us.

But the fact is that the role of videos in the life of the products is not limited only to the time later. And we use that information not only as a support that will help us to better understand how to use it, how to make best game or how to solve this question that gnawed at us about how the product should be used. Videos that other consumers have made (and brands that have been able to see how they were beginning to change operating modes of things have begun to produce skillfully) no longer limited to be an emergency tool to better understand how they work the things or how to use them. Its influence has begun much earlier and begins to be very present in virtually all the buying cycle. Videos are the new guide to discover the products and decide if that’s what we want or what not.


13 Ways to improve your search engine positioning

What comes to mind when you hear the word SEO? Most companies concentrate all their efforts solely on keyword optimization and end up not getting the results they want, as should also take into account other factors that affect search engine positioning.

The algorithms of search engines not only value the relevance of the keywords in the pages of your website, but also evaluate information as how long visitors stay on your site, bounce rate, broken links, the number page views, the incoming and outgoing links, etc.

If your users stay longer on your website and interact with your content you can increase the ranking of your page, and this get by improving the user experience and usability of your website?

In this article, we will see how to work the web usability to improve your search engine rankings and get more conversions.

Choose the keywords

How to choose the keywords of your business online

75% of users never go out of the first page of search results and advertising ignores 70-80% and focuses on the pages found.

These data show the relevance of the SEO to manage and optimize traffic of potential customers to online businesses.

It is estimated that currently exist in the world more than 644 million active websites, so positioning our business is not easy.

Know the seller

The ten cause and effect must know the seller

Companies every day more value the skills and competencies that must have a commercial: empathy, assertiveness, communication skills, active listening, and emotional intelligence? It is these much more difficult qualities to find other employees. For this reason, according to recent studies published by public and private entities, one of the most popular places is the sales professional because it is, without doubt, a fundamental part in the development and growth of enterprises, more Moreover, with the current and growing competitiveness in all business sectors.

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How the mobile apps of retailers are succeeding?

The mobile phone has become the quintessential shopping assistant consumer, and it is this device which used to investigate the products, compare prices, read reviews about the items or find out what items are available at the nearest store. In addition, it is increasingly common to complete their purchases within the smartphone itself.

With this scenario, the retailers who want to succeed are forced to offer a good mobile experience, and for that, many choose to make available to the user an app, something that certainly is a good idea, but it must be done well. And there are many data to support that it is useless to promote that has an application if after this does not meet the needs and desires of customers.

Analysis and reviews online

95% of consumers see analysis and reviews online

Check reviews online is a step in the buying process, especially essential when it will make a big payout or a product that has never been seen in person buys. No need no study to confirm it, everyone knows from his own experience that the opinions of other consumers contribute to give credibility to the brand and make us feel safer while shopping online. At the end of the day, who has never consulted one review before buying a product?

Comments internet

Comments internet: How it has changed the habit of review and comment on the network

Why we discussed news and why we protest about a topic? There may be many answers to this question as there are comments and commentators. Journalists often comment that Internet users do not comment on the news because they have read, but often simply enter the rag from the holder, something that happens recurrently in social networks. The hoteliers and restaurants added that consumers use as little revenge comments (not your competitor who is commenting?).  It will surely see in the comments how consumers have to lobby and get create the most favorable conditions for them? What is clear, however, is that the comments have evolved and social networks have created new scenarios for them and new guidelines for them and that the conditions of how comments and who have been modified because of them.

Internet users now have new scenarios to discuss things, to share and to generate debates, while found with new gateways to leave their opinions and to discuss what is happening. The fact that many media serial incorporate tools like Facebook comments at the bottom of the news makes it easier than ever to leave an opinion.

Video advertising

Video advertising continues to grow despite increasing rejection by users

The consumption of digital video has been increasing in recent years, and each time consumers spend more hours watching videos from your computer, tablet or especially mobile, leaving other leisure activities like that of sitting in front of TV to see what it is they’re throwing. Consequently, it is expected that the monetization of this format also continue to increase.

In addition, according to data from Cowen and Company, it makes a very good pace: both investments in advertising as the number of subscriptions to online video platforms are growing very quickly, confirming the good health of the digital video.