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What they have in common the companies that succeed in social networks?

Why triumph marks on social networks and why others fail to go beyond the four I like the fans who are fans in part because they are friends of the community manager or the occasional comment followers? That is a question that many brands are made and on which possibly pay for to have answered. Social networks have become a point that no brand can leave out in your online marketing strategy and therefore crucial.

Social Media

5 essential keys to deal a crisis in social networks

Social networks are everywhere. There is no brand that does not have a profile on Twitter, not Facebook upload content (and dream of accumulating fan after fan) and do not expect your photos on Instagram receive more and more I like it. But not only the brands are on social networks willing to share its advantages and good qualities, but consumers are also there, watchful eye for their mistakes and failures and share them with the world or to complain about their problems and bad praxis.

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What are the motivations that lead users to share content online?

As for the motivation to share content, it emphasizes the power of humor and makes people laugh.

Achieving create viral content is the dream of every marketer, and it seems clear why: this is the ideal way to maximize investment in content marketing, making a brand message reaches many people at relatively low cost. So many studies trying to find out what leads consumers to share content online. The latter is Adobe and reveals that virtually all share content via Internet: specifically, 64% of Internet users do, that percentage rises to 75% in countries like the United States.

Social Media

Brands have to be genuine and sincere to win the millennials in social networks

How to really reach millennials in social networks

Millennials have become an obsession for brands who are trying to reach them either way and are trying to turn them into his new favorite brand. Millennials are not only the large group of consumers of today and tomorrow (just break into the consumer market and have also made hard) it is also one that requires manufacturers to be updated. The ideas and strategies of the past will not serve to connect with them and brands have to work to understand what it is they need and what is the key to reaching them.

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Brands must improve their content to be shared really invite

Consumers are potential audiences in social networks, but not the way so that your messages reach others as they thought or wanted brands.

It is a claim that few would dare to answer and one that has become a sort of cornerstone in the strategy of digital marketing companies today: social networks have become a crucial element of brand communication and one that no brand can avoid when trying to reach their consumers. But are they really as effective as social networks seem to be a few years ago? And above all, as consumers are receptive as brands want to believe the messages they receive in these scenarios?