Signs that your hydraulic hose assembly needs replacing2

Signs that your hydraulic hose assembly needs replacing

Hydraulic hose systems are found throughout the industrial manufacturing industry and are in many applications, from pump stations to vehicle braking systems. As with anything, they have a lifespan, and while incredibly durable, even the best-maintained hoses will degrade and suffer from wear and tear. How long a hose assembly lasts depends on several factors, including its environmental conditions. What are the indications that it’s time to repair or replace a hydraulic hose system?

The Royal Horticultural Flower Show in Chelsea2

The Royal Horticultural Flower Show in Chelsea

If you love gardening or just enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air and relaxing in your garden, you will Love the Royal Horticultural Flower Show in Chelsea, this year from the 23rd – 27th May 2023. You will experience amazing designs, fabulous floral displays, have access to exclusive shopping deals and witness the future of gardening. With professional presenters, special guests and stars from the stage and screen, your day will be filled with excitement and wonder. With the emphasis on Climate Change and the Environment, many of the forward thinking exhibits may well have chosen to use Large eco friendly exhibition stands for their displays, provided by professional companies such as

How to Improve your Garage2

How to Improve your Garage

A garage is a great place for storage – whether you keep your car in there, or you like to use it for garden equipment, it does provide you with that space to keep all of the things that you need without cluttering up the home. However, it is important to stay on top of your garage, as it can often get a little too cluttered there and when this happens it makes things much more difficult to find.

Treasure hunting on the Jurassic Coast with Mary Anning and others.2

Treasure hunting on the Jurassic Coast with Mary Anning and others.

There is a ninety-five mile stretch of golden sandy beach between Swanage in Dorset and Exmouth in Devon.  This beautiful coastline is commonly known as the Jurassic Coast, and in 2014 a most remarkable discovery was made.  Metal detectorist Philip Goodwin found a rough metal disc, approximately the size of a ten pence coin.  The date and the name stamped on this rough piece of metal is what made it so remarkable.  MDCCCX which is the year 1810 was on one side and the name Mary Anning on the other.  Who was Mary Anning, you ask yourselves, well she was only one of ten women who decidedly influenced the history of science.  One hundred and sixty-three years after her death she was belatedly recognised by the Royal Society as the greatest fossil hunter of her era, and it was Mary who had a huge influence on the science of palaeontology. Indeed, it was Mary who discovered the very first fossil of a giant thirty-foot-long Ichthyosaurus, a marine reptile with a four-foot skull.