Community Manager: Behind Social Networks

Have you ever wondered who responds comments on the walls of Facebook of the big brands? Who takes the time to manage important accounts? Although it may seem incredible, there is a person behind those functions, and is called Community Manager.

Among the companies it emerged a few years ago this figure that, with the advancement of technology and the impact of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram- is not only important, but essential to manage brands on the Internet.

The presence of brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is as basic to keep them at the top of their performance. However, keep these platforms a day requires hard work by the Community Manager.

Social Media Marketing

10 Tips For B2B Social Media Marketing In 2017

It’s more than likely that here there is still around somewhere marketer who has doubts about the effectiveness of social media in B2B marketing.

In the US, where they have long since gutted the problem and resolved the doubts, 6 out of 10 B2B marketing managers use Twitter only second to LinkedIn – for sharing content, including white papers, case studies, webinars and blog posts.

Also in the US, 72% of B2B buyers say they use social media in some way during the journey buyers, and more than half (53%), following discussions on social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to take the decisions purchase.

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5 Ways in which social networks have changed the business world

If we make a panoramic world of social media, we realize that the longest platform is less than 15 years. This means that social networks despite its current popularity are still taking their first steps in the digital world.

However, in a very short time, they have become a real marketing tool for any business worth its salt. Moreover, in the connected world in which we live, if a brand is not in the social media, it has every chance to fizzle the market overnight.

Each company follows its own social strategy but what is clear is that all are present in the most popular platforms where connect directly with consumers is a growth opportunity that no business can afford to miss.

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Social Media Trends: Tips for your strategy

The social media travel at the speed of light and it is not easy to stay up to date on new trends of the network.

In general, several studies have asserted that social networks are becoming more and more visual, and content, which remains the undisputed King of the network, will necessarily have to take the same road if you want to remain acceptable or become viral. There is also talking, increasingly, the social signal, which apparently, despite several denials of the Google team, would bring an increase in traffic to the sites even optic SEO.

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10 tips to increase security in social networks

It is a fact that in the society in which we live, we are all exposed to risks continuously. Another fact is that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, and have become part of our life. Today I want to give you 10 essential tips to improve your safety and that of your family on social networks, as we review what these potential risks. I do not intend to be alarmist, just to give you some basic and useful recommendations to minimize risks.

Social networks are fun and useful, but also undesirable continually make use of them. For them it is a very useful tool for selecting victims.

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8 strategies to improve your presence on social networks

The growth of social networks is presented as an opportunity for companies to increase their customer base, however, a problem that can face those who want to succeed in the media is the oversaturation of information to which they are exposed all users those means.

Certainly, customers are there, but the question is how can you make to take into account a company? There are some ways, which we present below:

1. Partner with other companies

Most companies have contacts with other institutions. In the social field can take advantage of these relationships to create synergies and enhance mutual exposure.

For example, you can establish collaborative agreements to support an event, a contest or simply share the contents of each that way brands will benefit from additional exposure.

This cross marketing is not new; we see campaigns that product or event tickets are offered to purchase an item. Customers like to be offered something extra from time to time, so why not use it to improve positioning networks.


Instagram engagement continues its freefall

Instagram growth in recent years has been tremendous, and it is best that is combined with a very high ratio of interactions, higher than any other social network, which earned this the title of “Queen of engagement”. All brands want to be in Instagram: it was new, cool and above all, very effective.

However, it seems that the spell has begun to break down, and the figures are not like those of yesteryear. Although reaching maturity is, for any platform, slowing growth, there are many who suspect that behind the drop Instagram engagement there is something more, and that the figures will worsen this year.


What they are making brands achieve more engagement on Facebook?

Position in social networks is not easy. Brands not only have to create content and updates that are interesting but also must achieve prominently positioned in an environment where there is increasing competition. It is not just that more and more brands trying to capture the attention of consumers on social networks but also these spaces are an environment in which more and more messages that are shared that throwing signatures become irrelevant. Amid family photos, messages from friends or news links, messages about products and services are blurred.