iphone won't charge or turn on

What to do when your iphone won’t charge or turn on

Charging the iPhone battery is one of the actions that is done almost automatically. Just connect the phone to the charger cable, and that’s it. In a few hours, the iPhone will be ready to use again. But sometimes, in this almost maniacal ritual, something gets stuck. It is very common, in fact, the case in which, after connecting the iPhone to the charger, it does not charge. The light that usually indicates that the device is undercharging is not displayed. And the cell phone is destined to go out in an inexorable way. But in these cases, there is no need to be alarmed. Here’s what to do when your iphone won’t charge or turn on.

how to make internet faster on phone

How to make internet faster on phone?

The use of mobile devices to connect to the internet has increased considerably in recent years. We have more and more equipment of this type available, technology more powerful and adapted to the needs. However, sometimes the Internet speed is not the best. We may have problems that affect navigation. In this article, we are going to talk about some key points to have a faster Internet on the mobile.

adsl vs fiber

Adsl Vs Fiber: Differences Between Adsl and Fiber

Before choosing between ADSL and optical fiber, it is advisable to know how they work, what are their main differences and understand which one should be installed. Having a good internet connection is an essential requirement for everyday life: watching a movie on some platform on-demand, using a voice assistant, remotely managing home-related applications, but also working in smart working or taking lessons remotely, these are all operations that require an ADSL or fiber optic line. In short, technology nowadays can no longer stay out the door, and it is important to be able to access the web quickly.

How to find uninstalled apps

How to find uninstalled apps on android, iPhone and windows

Over time, you have installed an almost boundless amount of apps on your smartphone, to the point that you have been forced to do some cleaning and uninstall some of them to free up memory space. However, you are reminded of one of the apps you deleted that would come in incredibly useful for a job you are doing. The problem is that you have long since removed it from your device and, what’s more, you can’t even remember its name.

How a marketing strategy can help your business2

How a marketing strategy can help your business

The basic elements of a marketing strategy include defining the objectives, building a market share, identifying appropriate tactics and instruments to achieve these objectives, measuring and benchmarking results, maintaining customer loyalty, and responding to emerging customer needs. A good marketing strategy should have a flexible perspective that allows room for future changes. Therefore, marketing strategies should be reviewed periodically to ensure that they are still relevant and effective for the company’s objectives.

Tips to Having a More Creative Website2

Tips to Having a More Creative Website

There are many tips to having a more creative website. It is very easy for most people to get bogged down in the technicalities of how to build a website when really all that should be focused on is the content. Content is what makes or breaks a website, and so tips to having a more creative website should focus on the content and how to incorporate it to make it more appealing and well performing. Some basic tips to website building can also include things like using the right graphics as this will draw attention to a site and make it more inviting to potential customers. For advice on Web Design Swansea, contact Accent ADC

How to troubleshoot network connectivity problems

How to troubleshoot network connectivity problems?

“Unable to connect to server” is one of the error messages that often appears when we encounter connection problems – here’s what to do to fix it. If you have problems connecting to a website, one of the main error messages that we see appears on the screen of our PC, smartphone or tablet, which says Cannot connect to the server. This is a very general warning, and it is no coincidence that it may appear while we are using online software or services installed on our device. How to troubleshoot network connectivity problems?

How to hide caller id on iphone

How to hide caller id on iphone?

Whatever the reason, we may want to call someone with the hidden number from our iPhone. Surely you have wondered if it is something complicated or if otherwise, it is a function that we can carry out comfortably. There is a very simple way to make a call with a hidden number on the iPhone without installing any app. Since what we use is a native tool from Apple’s own Smartphone to hide our identity when we are calling. Something that we can activate from the same keyboard like the iPhone.