Nvidia gtx 970 vs 1060

Nvidia gtx 970 vs 1060: What are the main differences?

The GTX 970 and the GTX 1060 are two cards that do not share many similar characteristics, because they belong to different market segments. Here you will discover the gtx 970 vs 1060. The former is aimed at higher-end gamers looking for a graphics card that offers good performance at high settings in every game out there; while the latter targets entry-level users who want to play demanding titles such as Crysis 3, Battlefield 4 and GTA V on high settings.


How to factory reset ps4?

We all know that ps4 is one of the most popular gaming consoles in recent years. Due to its size, which can fit into any room design, along with its more advanced features than the previous generations of PlayStation consoles. However, sometimes ps4 won’t boot up properly for some reason. There are also cases when users would like to reset ps4 or restore default settings, which can be done by following this guide.

iphone won't charge or turn on

What to do when your iphone won’t charge or turn on

Charging the iPhone battery is one of the actions that is done almost automatically. Just connect the phone to the charger cable, and that’s it. In a few hours, the iPhone will be ready to use again. But sometimes, in this almost maniacal ritual, something gets stuck. It is very common, in fact, the case in which, after connecting the iPhone to the charger, it does not charge. The light that usually indicates that the device is undercharging is not displayed. And the cell phone is destined to go out in an inexorable way. But in these cases, there is no need to be alarmed. Here’s what to do when your iphone won’t charge or turn on.

how to make internet faster on phone

How to make internet faster on phone?

The use of mobile devices to connect to the internet has increased considerably in recent years. We have more and more equipment of this type available, technology more powerful and adapted to the needs. However, sometimes the Internet speed is not the best. We may have problems that affect navigation. In this article, we are going to talk about some key points to have a faster Internet on the mobile.

adsl vs fiber

Adsl Vs Fiber: Differences Between Adsl and Fiber

Before choosing between ADSL and optical fiber, it is advisable to know how they work, what are their main differences and understand which one should be installed. Having a good internet connection is an essential requirement for everyday life: watching a movie on some platform on-demand, using a voice assistant, remotely managing home-related applications, but also working in smart working or taking lessons remotely, these are all operations that require an ADSL or fiber optic line. In short, technology nowadays can no longer stay out the door, and it is important to be able to access the web quickly.