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Top 5 Specifics of a Quality Web Design

Nowadays, you cannot possibly succeed on the web without a professional web design. So, what are the most important aspects to consider while designing your website? In this write-up we shall briefly take a look at 5 Specifics of a Quality Web Design.

5 Specifics of a Quality Web Design

*Minimal Loading Time

Studies show that an average internet user can only spend up to four seconds in deciding whether your website is worth his time or not. This is the small window of time that you should focus on while designing a quality website. Well, this does not necessarily mean that all your website details should load within four seconds, No. The thumb rule here is to focus on capturing your visitor’s interest within the first few seconds. Even if the rest of the website takes a long time to load, you must always ensure that your homepage loads within the least time possible. This way you’ll be able to grab your viewer’s interest and keep him waiting for the rest of the web page to load.

*Well laid out

Your site should be arranged in such a way that it drives the viewer towards your content. To avoid your site appearing messed up, use common fonts that are available on all computers. Some of the best fonts to try include: Arial, Helvetica, Geneva and Verdana. Viewers love something that appears simple and easy to understand.

*Clean HTML

The web is an ever evolving creature. It is important that you design a website that is capable of growing. Clean HTML not only enables you to do this, but also saves your money and time. HTML has been around for quite some time now and along its path of growth it has acquired several side-kicks. Don’t let your webpage lag behind by not using clean HTML.

*Clear and easy to navigate

Your website navigation features should always be easily accessible, consistent and neat. At the same time, the navigation tools should be flexible enough to accommodate additional links. Build your site based on your audience’s preferences and expectations. Also, remember that people don’t love visiting passive websites. Provide a ‘comments’ section at the bottom of your website to get them involved in various discussions on your site.


Depending on the number of colors that you wish to use on your website, there are two different formats of graphics to go for- .GIF and. JPG. If you want to use a wide variety of colors, you should go for the .JPG format. On the other hand if you intend to design a simple website the .GIF format would be the best choice for you. Whatever you choose, always make sure that the size of your files does not in any way affect your site’s loading speed.

In summary, the 5 Specifics of a Quality Web Design discussed above are the most useful to consider while designing your website. If you take them into account, then you’ll not need to worry about keeping viewers on your site for more than the usual 4 seconds. Clue Design can help you build a great looking site that takes all of these factors into consideration, making your site a performance machine that will please both users and search engines.

Responsive design

Know All the Strategies For Website Maintenance

Although, creating or building a website needs lot of efforts and time, but maintaining it is also not an easy task. It is very essential to maintain your website if you want to keep it from becoming stagnant and prevent losing visitors. Website maintenance involves continuous updating with fresh content, preventing it from broken links, sloppy code and makes it innovative from time to time by introducing new features in it for the visitors to explore. Let’s look at the few essential strategies that can be used for website maintenance:

1. Look for errors: Some websites do not pay attention on the broken links and as a result when a visitor visits the website and click on it, he gets nothing else but to read, “404 page not found” error. This does not leave a good impression on a visitor and he may prohibit from visiting your website in the future. Website errors such as broken links can desperately annoy visitors making them look for other sites. There might be certain businesses that may have closed down which were once linked to your site. Such kind of links can cause broken links to appear. It is important to keep a track on such activities and check for broken links every month.

2. HTML codes:  It is important to write clean and error free html codes to prevent any kind of negative effect on your search engine rankings. Your ranking can suffer from improper or incomplete tags placed by your webmaster.

For example:

<p this is the most searched keyword phrase

‘Note: The P tag above is missing a closing bracket.

The code should rather be written as:

<p> this is the most searched keyword phrase

Apparently, the search engine will only read the keyword-rich text as attribute of the paragraph tag and ignore it. As we all know that the search engines spider text should be highly visible at the top of your web page, you will very clearly lose the opportunity to gain high search engine rankings.

3. Update your website regularly: Make sure you add fresh content to the website on daily basis to improve your search engine ranking. To get your website among top search results it is important to update or change the content on your web pages on regular basis.

4.  Monitor web site rankings: Monitoring the web site ranking is one of the most important parts of website maintenance. Without performing this step you may never be able to understand the reason of drop in sale and demand of your products and services. It is necessary to stay up to date with the changes in search engine and make adjustments accordingly.

5. Keep a track of website statistics: Monitor the number of visitors visiting your website on daily, monthly and yearly basis. This will help you to make strategies accordingly to increase the traffic on your website. Your host can provide you with lots of details that will help you to make further decisions such as the location of maximum number of visitors, keywords used to find the web site etc.

6. Innovation in web designs: Design of your website plays an important role in attracting and holding customers on the site. Try to make some changes in the designs of your web page or look of your site on periodic basis. Do not play with the basic theme of the website while making changes. You can consider adding more images, change the color of the links, or add certain features which were not included in your Web Design Leicester earlier. You can also make some changes in the fonts and presentation of blog and articles.

Creating a quality website

Tips for creating a quality website

Passed the question whether it is necessary to have a website for your business, now is the time to think about creating a quality website that will help you boost your business. A live web, dynamic, result oriented, not to create a simple window and leave it standing there in time until “yellowing”.

How to create a quality website?

In this article I have compiled a list of tips and items that you should keep in mind when creating an effective web and quality…

Optimize Your Cloud Hosting Account with These Simple Tips

Optimize Your Cloud Hosting Account with These Simple Tips

With hosting space getting more and more affordable, it is easy to start piling up files and going for more storage space over time. It is also very tempting to host more websites, run more scripts and use various add-ons to make the cloud hosting service more economical or cost-efficient. Unfortunately, just like your normal PC at home, your cloud hosting account can become cluttered. Use these next few tips to keep it optimized at all times.

Web designer

4 tips to be a successful web designer

Being freelance web designer is a job with many possibilities, since, as Internet continues to exist, continue to raise demand for such services, resulting in one of the skills most required by businesses today.

Although there is variety of courses on web design, there are many skills that can be acquired being self-taught. Since this is a constantly changing field where updates and preferences change very fast, there are many different methods of approaching the web design work independently.

Then we offer 4 tips to make the most of your skills as a freelance web designer:

Build a website

Build a website: Resources and Help

Building a website is no longer difficult as it once was. In fact, they were born on the web, many services that allow even novice user to build a website using facilitated and automated procedures. Today I want to propose a set of resources that allow you to build a website easily and free.

Build a website: Facilitated platforms and services

This list of resources is mainly dedicated to all those users who have little knowledge of the HTML programming language but who want to build a website. These platforms and services they will take charge of creating the entire structure of the web site automatically and facilitated procedures: The user just has to write content using a web editor similar to Word.

Website On WordPress

How To Make a Website On

How to make a website? This is the question that many users are there; here is a possible answer. To do that you can rely on the WordPress site! WordPress fact is not only a famous CMS for managing websites, but also gives you the ability to have a site immediately ready to be filled with content. So we see in this article how to create a website with WordPress.

The procedure is not very difficult, so it’s quick and simple, first of all to get started creating your website you have to access the wordpress main page.

How to Make a Website: Subscribing to WordPress

Let’s see how to make a website using wordpress the first step is to do is of course the free is concertize to the site.

If you look on the site in the left side of the screen will appear an orange button that says Get Started Here. To jump-start the site creation process you just press it to be taken to the next step.

Choose the keywords

How to choose the keywords of your business online

75% of users never go out of the first page of search results and advertising ignores 70-80% and focuses on the pages found.

These data show the relevance of the SEO to manage and optimize traffic of potential customers to online businesses.

It is estimated that currently exist in the world more than 644 million active websites, so positioning our business is not easy.

WordPress plugins

5 WordPress plugins to create Landing Page

If you are looking to increase sales and conversions on your blog or website, the landing page is one of the best tools to achieve this. Its main goal is to convert visitors into potential customers, so you may find it very interesting if you want to highlight a product and increase sales of your online business.

But not all have the ability to design a landing page or the need to hire a good designer budget. So today are 5 WordPress plugins that allow you to manage and create landing page to drive conversions and increase sales of your online business.