Things to Know Before you Take a Trailer on your Holiday

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If you are planning a holiday this summer and are unsure about how to get all the kit you need in the car, then a trailer is a great solution. However, before you head out and get a trailer, you need to be aware of the rules regarding driving it, and also how to make sure that you maintain it properly to keep it safe.

Before you start driving with a trailer, it is a good idea to go on a trailer driving course. This will help you to get to grips with the basics and feel what it is like to drive with a trailer attached. You will learn to reverse, which is tricky with a trailer if you haven’t ever done it before.

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When you buy a trailer, decide what size you need and also what your car can tow – you should always check the towing capability of your car, which can be found in the vehicle handbook.

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You also need to become familiar with the highway code when it comes to towing – for example, when travelling on a motorway or a dual carriageway, the speed limit for a towing vehicle is 60 miles per hour rather than 70.

Caring for your trailer means that you will get more out of it and it will be safer. If there is a part that needs replacing, you can order trailer parts online from somewhere like this https://autoandtrailer

Giving it a regular clean and checking it over helps to keep it in good condition and you can also look out for signs of wear and tear.

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