Does your company take care of your channel on YouTube?

We do not stop to hear that the Internet is a showcase. Another place to exhibit our products. Time passes, we are aware that online shoppers are increasing, and yet we leave our fate to our brand in a social network.

Without taking care of their image, nor to the clients that, expose their doubts, complaints and criticisms. If the more human you show a company more valuable your image, rectify eliminating our presence in a network or video channel, will be the best. Especially if we do not plan to share content.

Beauty brands

Blogger and YouTube, the great allies of beauty brands

Bloggers and YouTubers have become an essential tool for campaigns to promote brands. If the celebrities were the most coveted brands, earlier fashion influencers today are different: they have very loyal fans, higher levels of confidence and in many cases cheaper rates.

However, more interesting is that they are effective in influencing purchasing decisions of their followers. In addition, this is especially true in a sector such as beauty, where bloggers have managed to millions of viewers who rely not only on their makeup tricks, but also in its opinion on the best and worst cosmetics for everything.