Does your company take care of your channel on YouTube?

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We do not stop to hear that the Internet is a showcase. Another place to exhibit our products. Time passes, we are aware that online shoppers are increasing, and yet we leave our fate to our brand in a social network.

Without taking care of their image, nor to the clients that, expose their doubts, complaints and criticisms. If the more human you show a company more valuable your image, rectify eliminating our presence in a network or video channel, will be the best. Especially if we do not plan to share content.

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Knock Knock … Anyone there?

YouTube professionals know this, to gain followers you have to generate content. And quality. If a person is able to edit videos every week and achieve a respectable number of followers, how can a company not?

But there are many who one day decide that sharing a few videos of their magnificent products is enough. And they forget their strategy. Where is that person who put a face to the mark? No longer exists. There is no substitute and at most, we find some contribution without thinking about who is going to see it and yes with an intention: to sell and to talk.

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Every effort has a reward

The key is simple but it takes a lot of work : quality of the videos and a regular publication.

You do not have to live on rents. Maybe your customer in the physical store is faithful, the online needs other attentions. The more you take care of it, the more sales you get and your loyalty.

For a long time in a sector, take a look at what your competition is doing. The engagement of subscribers is born, grows and survives if you give them what they expect, a weekly video or two. With a little organization, means and common sense can be achieved.

Charisma, closeness, utility and humor

An SME dedicated to cosmetics, for example, why not upload a tutorial every week to clear up doubts about how to make up?

The confusion for some is still valid. They start with this, but end up using four minutes, three to mention all their products. Just like an influence who says the name of a brand every two seconds, causes rejection, your company too.

People on YouTube are looking for fun, solving a problem. Are you offering them that? Consistency is vital. A company cannot be present in a social network saying that trend mark and in another, as YouTube did not share a video for three years.

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