Google AdWords

How to save money in a Google AdWords campaign

Is it possible to run a campaign on effective Google AdWords with a limited budget?

When an entrepreneur is about to invest in advertising, a very common concern is that his budget is not enough to compete with some of his competitors, who may be investing huge amounts of money in marketing campaigns.

But there’s good news regarding Google AdWords: although having a large budget will help you get results much faster, there are ways you can make a good AdWords campaign even with a small investment.

Delete All Your Data

How to Delete All Your Data from Google

Google spies on us!

He knows everything about us and what we look for on their search engine. “You know what’s new,” you say. True. Needless to say. But why not permanently stop him in just a few simple steps once and for all?

Share your PC or laptop with someone at home? Are you afraid of leaving traces around once you’ve logged in? Are you afraid your privacy has been violated?

Google and LG

Google and LG join to create the OLED screen for virtual reality with the highest resolution to date

The Display Week took place in the city of Los Angeles, where the surprise was given by Google announcing a new alliance with LG Display, showing the prototype of a new OLED panel created for virtual reality with which they seek to approach the resolution of the human sight.

According to Google and LG, this development will allow us to face truly immersive experiences where our eyes will not know if they are in a virtual environment, creating confusion in our brain and completely transforming virtual reality experiences.

Google Redux

Google wants more space on their devices and is responsible for turning screens into speakers

Everything that saves space inside a device is welcome, if not tell the poor 3.5 mm jack. Google is looking to be someone important in hardware, so we have already seen aggressive bets such as buying the smartphone business from HTC. And this continues, since it was discovered that now they have acquired a new company that, in theory, is capable of transforming a screen into a loudspeaker.


Google is giving away users who demand privacy from Apple, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and Sony

Bruce Schneier, guru of cybersecurity, explained in his latest book, ‘Data and Goliath’ how we have lost the battle of privacy. The giants of technology are nourished by this data to offer more and better services for users, but they do so at the cost of trying to extract all the information they can from our activity in those services and applications.

Google is the most vilified company in this regard : the voracity with which it seeks to collect more and more data about us and what surrounds us is reaching unsuspected limits, and that has made winners and losers in that particular war for our privacy.

Google and HTC

What Google has bought from HTC? What HTC has remained after its partial sale?

No, Google has not bought HTC, or at least not the entire company. This morning we woke up with the news that Google has acquired a part of HTC’s smartphone business for 1100 million dollars, and some have confused this operation with a full purchase of the Taiwanese company by the search engine.

However, the agreement between both companies is somewhat more complex than that, and is far from what we saw in the purchase of Motorola by Google in 2011. That is why we are going to try to explain in a simple way what is the exact treatment to which Both companies have arrived and what immediate repercussions they can have for each other.

Google job interview

Would you be able to overcome a Google job interview? Here are some of your usual questions

When one thinks of job interviews of a large technology company like Google, it is inevitable to believe that this is reduced to mathematical or programming issues. Although technical knowledge is extremely important, so is our ability to solve complex imaginary problems.

Let’s talk straight out. These are more or less complicated puzzles that a candidate should be able to solve if they want to get a job in the big G. Are you able to solve them all?


Google has faced two artificial intelligence systems, will they fight or work together!

Google has for some years been with DeepMind, its advanced artificial intelligence system, which has already given important samples of its capabilities by repeatedly winning Go teachers. Similarly, DeepMind continues to grow by nurturing new experiences such as the ability to manipulate physical objects, and even play StarCraft II.

Google knows that the day will come that DeepMind has to face other systems of artificial intelligence, and that moment will be decisive to know if they are able to collaborate or conflict in order to defend each one their interests. Therefore, Google has decided to anticipate that scenario, and make two artificial intelligence interact with each other within a series of social dilemmas.