Twitter: 33 tricks and some extra to become an expert in the social network

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks in the world, and every day millions of people turn their opinions on them. Although its operation is simple enough so that no one has problems, it is full of tricks and options that are not always known.

Therefore, today we bring a compilation with 33 tricks and functions with which you can get the most out of the social network. You have everything from how to save tweets to how to see which lists other users have added to you, going through other extras like a complete list with keyboard shortcuts.


Why we should not underestimate a social network like Twitter?

It has 305 million active users, making it one of the five most popular social platforms in the world.

Twitter live undoubtedly turbulent times. A binds its economic problems slowing growth of the mass of users has set off alarms and has served as a starting point a series of apocalyptic comments predicting contraction of the social network and even possible death (in the image and the similarity of, for example, Google).

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Separate the personal from the professional social network

Sometimes common sense is the best advice. Imagine you are the owner of a shoe store. We decided to create a page on a social network. But we do not know the terrain and are committed to create a personal profile. “It’s the same, right?”.

No, it is not. And we will miss opportunities and perhaps begin to mix our personal and professional lives. When do we get to a store, the manager tells us how bad it’s going in life? If there is a good connection, yes. But if a client only has to buy all you need is: a good attention. Do the same in the virtual world.