Does the design of your site not good? 5 reasons to change it!

If the design of your website – or your blog – is not perfect, it is very likely that one of the following two things is happening to you. The first: if you are a brand or an SME, you are losing opportunities to do business. Translated: potential customers run away from your site because it does not give you sufficient guarantees about your reliability. The second: if you are a professional who is on the net to do personal branding or you are a marketer who has set the goal of earning online, you are giving a very bad image of yourself and you are not taking care of your interests.


10 Rules For A Good Website

We have listed for you ten rules or advice that we feel we can give you to build a successful website. Obviously, every project is a work in itself, but these general rules (all equally important beyond their position) are the basis for a professional job. The links we give are examples of very useful material that you will find on the net.

#1- The site for users, not for you

If it is true that the site is yours and in a sense have to like, always remember that if you want to work, have to like it even more to your users.

A corporate website or at least a site not fully staff must put primary objective is to obtain a result that, in most cases, will make known or sell something. To achieve this, the site must please your users and they have to find useful. This is important to keep in mind. So, if the profit depends on the content, the pleasant depends on its appearance. Then choose a suitable layout to your site and not just like you, as well as colors that should be subject to strict rules. Try to follow the web design trends by visiting the actual sites and taking a cue from them. Do you need to have clarity, ease of navigation and reading, consistency between the pages of the site and between the site and any other campaigns of your company (leaflets, brochures, logo and colors). Emphasize the winning points of your product and the most important information; otherwise everything will seem the same. Pay attention to the language: do not take anything for granted when you turn to a wide audience; try to be rather more accurate when you turn to trained users.

Web Design

Web Design: 30 Tips to Improve Your Website

Today I want to talk to you about how to improve your website design making it professional, eye-catching, clear and usable. All these fine words are the starting point id to ensure that your site will be appreciated from the point of view of graphics and is as clear as possible to your readers. In web design, some of these are fundamental principles. I added my own experience as a web designer to classic fundamental because I believe that these unwritten rules can help to improve navigation and clarity of your website.

Creating a quality website

Tips for creating a quality website

Passed the question whether it is necessary to have a website for your business, now is the time to think about creating a quality website that will help you boost your business. A live web, dynamic, result oriented, not to create a simple window and leave it standing there in time until “yellowing”.

How to create a quality website?

In this article I have compiled a list of tips and items that you should keep in mind when creating an effective web and quality…

Website On WordPress

How To Make a Website On

How to make a website? This is the question that many users are there; here is a possible answer. To do that you can rely on the WordPress site! WordPress fact is not only a famous CMS for managing websites, but also gives you the ability to have a site immediately ready to be filled with content. So we see in this article how to create a website with WordPress.

The procedure is not very difficult, so it’s quick and simple, first of all to get started creating your website you have to access the wordpress main page.

How to Make a Website: Subscribing to WordPress

Let’s see how to make a website using wordpress the first step is to do is of course the free is concertize to the site.

If you look on the site in the left side of the screen will appear an orange button that says Get Started Here. To jump-start the site creation process you just press it to be taken to the next step.