Important receipts to keep2

Important receipts to keep

If you run your own business you are probably aware of the importance of ensuring that you keep up-to-date financial records, but one area of business finances that sometimes gets forgotten is that of keeping receipts for items that you have purchased. If you find yourself struggling under a mountain of invoices and receipts you can work with a Bookkeepers Chelmsford way such as to have your bookkeeping completed for you.

How to Incorporate Technology into an Exhibition Stand2

How to Incorporate Technology into an Exhibition Stand

Introducing technology to your exhibition stand is an excellent way to engage your audience. For example, a touch screen booth can provide visitors with the opportunity to take selfies with a variety of digital props. It can also add a fun and relaxed environment to the space. This will encourage visitors to spend more time at your booth, which will ultimately increase the chance of a conversion. A charging station or interactive games can also help draw attention to your stand and provide valuable information about your brand or product.

The Importance of a School Having a Well-Designed Website2

The Importance of a School Having a Well-Designed Website

The importance of a school having a well-designed website cannot be overstated. A good website can help to reflect the quality of a school and its values. Visitors to the website will also be able to find information about the school and its teachers. For example, some schools’ websites include videos that introduce teachers and show their strengths. Similarly, school websites may wish to show the many extracurricular activities they offer. For inspiration on Websites for schools, consider a site like

The Things to Consider When Setting up your Home Office2

The Things to Consider When Setting up your Home Office

If you do most or all of your work from home, getting the right set up for your home office is essential. Making sure that you have a place to work where you can focus on what you are doing, as well as being comfortable is something that you need when you work from home.

How to Improve your Garage2

How to Improve your Garage

A garage is a great place for storage – whether you keep your car in there, or you like to use it for garden equipment, it does provide you with that space to keep all of the things that you need without cluttering up the home. However, it is important to stay on top of your garage, as it can often get a little too cluttered there and when this happens it makes things much more difficult to find.

Security to Prevent Money Laundering2

Security to Prevent Money Laundering

Something that causes a lot of problems around the world financially is money laundering. However, there are security processes in place to help to tackle this. One of these processes that many organisations, including banks, have put in is AML ID verification. This can be done by companies like this and it means that the banks are not only at lower risk for being the victim of money laundering but they are also compliant with guidelines set out by the government and financial organisations. It is also good for their reputation to be doing all that they can to prevent financial crimes like money laundering.

The Role of Surface Technology in Manufacturing2

The Role of Surface Technology in Manufacturing

Surface technology, or surface engineering, is a branch of materials science, with applications in chemistry, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering and as such has an important role to play in manufaturing. Solids, such as metals, have two main phases: the bulk material, and the surface phase, which acts as an interface to the environment. This surface layer is vulnerable to the environment’s effects, including wear, corrosion, fatigue, and creep. Luckily, surface technology can help to protect the material against these effects, often through the use of specially designed coatings. For example, find out more about Thermal Plasma Spray coatings by visiting a site like

Treasure hunting on the Jurassic Coast with Mary Anning and others.2

Treasure hunting on the Jurassic Coast with Mary Anning and others.

There is a ninety-five mile stretch of golden sandy beach between Swanage in Dorset and Exmouth in Devon.  This beautiful coastline is commonly known as the Jurassic Coast, and in 2014 a most remarkable discovery was made.  Metal detectorist Philip Goodwin found a rough metal disc, approximately the size of a ten pence coin.  The date and the name stamped on this rough piece of metal is what made it so remarkable.  MDCCCX which is the year 1810 was on one side and the name Mary Anning on the other.  Who was Mary Anning, you ask yourselves, well she was only one of ten women who decidedly influenced the history of science.  One hundred and sixty-three years after her death she was belatedly recognised by the Royal Society as the greatest fossil hunter of her era, and it was Mary who had a huge influence on the science of palaeontology. Indeed, it was Mary who discovered the very first fossil of a giant thirty-foot-long Ichthyosaurus, a marine reptile with a four-foot skull.

Getting the Most from your Television Aerial2

Getting the Most from your Television Aerial

Since the introduction of television, it has played a big part of our family life, and relaxation time. Love it or hate it, television is here to stay and has changed dramatically since those early days when whole streets would gather around a single black and white television set.