Ten park home storage solutions

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Downsizing from a home to a park home can mean that clever and effective ways of storage have to be implemented, resulting in a simpler, tidier, more clutter-free way of living.

Park homes are smaller, easier to manage and traditionally across one single level. Some may come with a small loft area, where occasional items such as Christmas decorations can be stored.

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Storage Ideas:

1.      Over-door hooks are a budget-friendly way of adding additional hanging space. No DIY skills are required and the need to drill directly into walls is eliminated.

2.      Adhesive, or command hooks, can be added to any smooth surface, and come complete with a release function so that there is no damage should they need to be removed.

3.      Hanging and cupboard shelves can be customised and added to, to make the most of available space.

4.      Shoe storage racks at the entrance allow footwear to be stored conveniently and easily.

5.      Drawer organisers allow spaces to be compartmentalised, leaving an organised and effective system.

6.      An ottoman bed allows for a mattress to be raised with a specialist mechanism, leaving the entire surface area of the bed underneath to house items.

7.      Under-bed storage boxes are also an excellent way of stowing things neatly away.

8.      Vacuum packing is great for the storage of soft items like bedding and towels. With an airtight seal, they will keep items free from pests and dampness.

9.      Making use of available wall space with hanging baskets and shelves also increases the options for storing frequently-accessed items like gloves and hats.

10.     Multi-clothes hangers make doubling up wardrobe space easy, and also fold closed when not in use.

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Further inspiration

Have a look at real-life park homes for sale Gloucestershire on http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucestershire and let your imagination run riot.

When ordering your park home from new, it is possible to customise and integrate storage needs tailored to your exact preference. For existing homes, there is a wide range of extras that can be implemented and utilised according to need. The range of possibilities is endless.

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