Desirable Property Qualities in 2024

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Trend 1: Demand for Sustainable Homes

Homebuyers are no longer just interested in buzzwords, but also prioritise sustainability. Property with eco-friendly features and energy-efficient designs is increasingly in demand, driving a change in the market.

Trend 2: Remote Work Spaces Are Growing Popular

Property preferences continue to be influenced by the remote work trend. The demand for homes with office space or areas that can be adapted to work is increasing.

Trend 3: Preference for Suburban and Rural Areas

The desire for space and natural surroundings is driving the growing interest in rural and suburban properties. This trend is most noticeable in the scenic areas of the North West.

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Trend 4: Smart Home Technologies

The integration of smart home technology is increasing. Smart home technologies such as automated heating systems, energy management, and smart security are now standard features. To find out more about Electric Gates Cheltenham, go to

Trend 5: A Shift to Flexible Living Spaces

Increasingly, people are looking for flexible living spaces, such as home gyms, entertainment rooms, or guest bedrooms, that can be adapted to suit their needs.

Turn Ons for buyers

  1. Outdoor space

The importance of outdoor space for buyers is increasing, as the gardens are generally seen as extensions of our living spaces. The size and shape of the garden are important. South and west facing gardens are particularly appealing.

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  1. Room to expand

The average person does not want to buy a house every two years. It is expensive, and can be stressful. A home that is both attractive and meets the buyer’s current needs while also allowing for future expansion, will be a good choice. A home’s ability to expand the living space by adding an extension, loft conversion or garage conversion is a powerful selling point.

  1. Energy efficiency

We are more conscious of our impact on the environment. An efficient home will also be cheaper to operate. Buyers are likely to pay close attention to boilers, windows, loft insulation, and radiators.

  1. Safety and privacy

A buyer may want to be social and integrate with the community, but they also want their privacy and security.

  1. Open plan living

Home buyers prefer living spaces that flow seamlessly from one space to the next. It is especially true when it comes down to the dining and kitchen areas. A living space that encourages socialising and entertaining is appealing to everyone. Young families should also consider open-plan living, which allows parents to monitor their children easily.

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