Trendy Roofing Ideas

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  1. Flat roofs are trendy. This is due to many reasons. The flat roof is seen as an eco-friendly option that’s also cost-effective and useful.
  2. Metal roofs are in style With a life expectancy of more than 50 years, this is an excellent choice. It can range from the European look of black shingles to lighter eco-friendly colours. Metal roofing has been proven to last, be durable, and look stylish.

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3. Tiny house roof design Tiny houses are the best solution to simplifying your life. You should be able to enjoy your living area without worrying about the size and number of rooms. A metal roof will give your small home a stylish look.

4. Rustic touch on your roofing Add a metal or roof extension to your home’s roofing for a rustic touch. For Roofers Bristol, visit

5. Butterfly roofing The symmetrical look and the inverted appearance of this roofing are its greatest assets. The aesthetics of the butterfly roofs make them both eco-friendly and budget-friendly. They can be made with cheaper materials such as TPO or shingles.

6. Trendy balcony roof Add some extensions to your balcony on the first floor or second level and gain more space. Metal beams, wooden roof extensions, and wire railings are all examples of trendy balconies.

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7. Modern saw-tooth roofing The saw-tooth roof is a great way to create a compartmentalised space for residing in if you have multiple families. This type of roof has a sawtooth pattern that adds to the aesthetics of any trendy home.

8. Sloping roofing is in style This roof type has become popular due to its dramatic and unusual look, which includes solar panels. The modern look of the sloping roof will enhance your garage or patio.

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