Big data

More and more companies fall made before the Big data although only 24% know how to manage it

52% of companies consider the big data as an opportunity, while a 4.5% see it as a threat. Collection, management and analysis of data has become an essential tool for companies who know that the potential is huge and big data companies achieve greater extract the juice will have a strong comparative advantage. It is thanks to data can better understand customers and their wishes, improving from product development or distribution thereof, communication and marketing.

With this in mind, not surprising to discover that 51% of companies will increase their investment in big data in the coming years, or that 52% see the data as a big opportunity (while only 4.5% view it as a threat). They are results of a survey of DNV GL – Business Assurance and GFK Eurisko about 2,000 professionals from three different continents, which gives very interesting information on the adoption of big data globally.

Big data

Big data! Companies and brands are still struggling to process and analyze data

98% of brands invest in technology that would help them improve their content measurement problems.

The boom of big data has shown the importance that information has for brands and has made these have begun to obsess with the issue has gotten data become the most sought by companies. Companies accumulate information and more information and trying to grab data and more data about their consumers. The more data you have, the more complete will be the vision we have of consumers and their interests and tastes, so the markings are thrown into a race for the data.

Big Data

Where businesses fail when it comes to big data?

A few years ago, journalists were invited to press conferences in which he explained what the big data was and are trying to convince the potential of what they had before. Companies introduced to the mysterious big data and tried to convince them it was something that would change the world. The same was true of the heads of the companies, who also attended events where they had remarkable success cases of all those pioneers who had begun to test the potential of big data. Years later, things have changed a lot. No longer have you needed to explain what are the big data and companies the focus has changed.