More and more companies fall made before the Big data although only 24% know how to manage it

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52% of companies consider the big data as an opportunity, while a 4.5% see it as a threat. Collection, management and analysis of data has become an essential tool for companies who know that the potential is huge and big data companies achieve greater extract the juice will have a strong comparative advantage. It is thanks to data can better understand customers and their wishes, improving from product development or distribution thereof, communication and marketing.

With this in mind, not surprising to discover that 51% of companies will increase their investment in big data in the coming years, or that 52% see the data as a big opportunity (while only 4.5% view it as a threat). They are results of a survey of DNV GL – Business Assurance and GFK Eurisko about 2,000 professionals from three different continents, which gives very interesting information on the adoption of big data globally.

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As mentioned, most companies are considered the big data as a growth opportunity, 52.1%. Although the percentage increases to 70% among larger companies, perhaps because they have more resources to really exploit the potential of the data. In any case, it is noteworthy that 43.4% of all respondents were unable to decide whether the big data accounted for more than an opportunity or a risk.

In addition, there are many companies that will increase their budget for big data, especially among larger companies, since 51% raise its investment. In overall, 76% of all businesses will maintain or increase its budget, whereas only 5% intend to decrease. It stresses in any case that 19% of firms do not invest or think soon in this area, although resulting key.

Because although most professionals are aware of their importance, they are not all. According to the survey, 44.9% of companies rated the ability of big data as important or very important for the strategic direction, a percentage that increased to 60.4% among those larger companies, but in any case it seems low.

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Only 23.5% of companies know how to really manage the big data

This report once again to show that, despite the widespread optimism about the potential of big data, few companies really know how to exploit it. Thus, only 23.5% of all enterprises (and 39% of those with more than 1000 employees) have a clear strategy for managing big data. The result? There are many companies that collect data and more data, but few who know really integrate and cross them to get them practical and applicable to decisions of company information.

And another survey of Chartered Global Management Accountant had yielded similar results: there is so much data available, so varied and so to date, many companies are unable to handle them. In this case, 36% of professionals had recognized it difficult to manage the flow of data and up to 80% recognized sometimes use information gaps for decision-making. In addition, a third of respondents said the big data had created an information overload, becoming more difficult to make strategic decisions, similar to those who believe that the big data if helped them percentage.

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