How to Turn One’s Instagram from Simple to Magnificent

Are the social media marketing guys putting a lot into the Instagram account with little or no results? Well perhaps the problem is not exactly on their part but on the photographer’s. Travel shots should be excellent, should stand out from what the competition offers, and should be able to sell not only the destination, but the feeling and experience. Regardless of the device one is using, it is important to be able to capture these three elements into a single shot. With this, leveraging posts for those Instagram likes and conversions becomes much easier.

Maximizing the shot

The first thing every photographer should think about is the maximization of the shots they take. Whether this involves changing camera angles or taking photos with the phone tilted horizontally, the first concern should be to capture as much of the scenery or subject as possible. The same goes for the number of photos one captures. Take several shots even of the same subject or scenery. Capture different angles and vary elements like exposure, lighting and symmetry. It is much easier to edit out the unwanted parts or delete the photos that are less than suitable, than it is having to go out to the field again for more shots.


Modern technology, even with smartphone cameras, gives the ability to capture the highest grade photos and moments. For instance, high end phones like the iPhone can capture quick action shots near perfectly with their burst feature. Still, nothing beats the human side of the equation. When one goes out to the field to capture those images, most of the time it is with a particular moment in mind. While camera technology might help, it does not hurt anticipating that moment and looking for those few shots that capture the seconds during and around the perfect moments. When photographing scenery, timing and anticipation involves knowing just the right time of day to schedule a photo shoot. For dramatic scenery, go for the early morning or late evening shots.


Even when photographing nature and leisure activities, it still pays to respect some of the basic rules of photography. The rule of thirds is one example. With a phone, one can have their grids help with this. Combined with the editing options available on Instagram especially after taking a wide angle photo, the results will be perfect. These simple rules of photography are there for the benefit of the photographer, to help them display visually appealing photos and a healthy balance between detail and perspective or symmetry.


At the end of the day, remember Instagram appeals to the people. For a travel related page, while the magnificent views and scenery will bring in those followers, the numbers will only be helpful if these followers see just how easy it is to enjoy it first hand when they use the company’s services. Include a human element to the scenery. For instance, while photos of waterfalls might be majestic and glorious, appeal to the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers by posting photos of people diving down into the cool water below, and having fun while at it.



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