Creating a Successful Blog

15 Rules For Creating a Successful Blog

Creating a successful blog is possible. In this guide I will talk about the main rules to be observed if you seriously want to pursue this ambitious and highly remunerative objective.

Every day, in fact, thousands of new blogs are born that punctually “die” after a few months due to the absence of visits. But this will not happen to your blog, if you follow the simple but fundamental guidelines that you will have to carry forward day after day to become a capable and authoritative blogger.


Do you really want to know what a blog is?

Maybe around the internet you will already have heard the phrase “if you want to succeed on the web you must have a blog.”

It is true that a blog is a very powerful tool at your disposal, especially if you want to advertise to your personal and professional activities.

But first of all, you must understand what a blog is and why you may want.

In this article, you can find a brief explanation, and a few tips to start with a blog of your own.

The world’s first blog

To understand what a blog we have to take a step back in the late 90’s.

At that time internet it was still not widespread, they used to do online research engines like Altavista, Virgilio Arianna and Mark Zuckerberg was a young middle school student with a passion for programming …

Yes, even though today it may seem strange there was a time when the internet was just an information tool and not a place to spend the time to insult and share photos of kittens.