Google and LG

Google and LG join to create the OLED screen for virtual reality with the highest resolution to date

The Display Week took place in the city of Los Angeles, where the surprise was given by Google announcing a new alliance with LG Display, showing the prototype of a new OLED panel created for virtual reality with which they seek to approach the resolution of the human sight.

According to Google and LG, this development will allow us to face truly immersive experiences where our eyes will not know if they are in a virtual environment, creating confusion in our brain and completely transforming virtual reality experiences.

Microsoft's Mixed Reality

Microsoft’s “Mixed Reality” looks suspiciously like “Virtual Reality”

The virtual reality was one of the great promises of recent years, but even the appearance of Oculus Rift and Live HTC has managed to boost the market as much as analysts had expected, industry and users.

Soon there will be a new participant in that effort, because Microsoft has announced that it will soon offer the first mixed-reality devices at competitive prices. As far as we know, however, the mixed reality of Microsoft is much like the virtual reality of Oculus and HTC, and has little to do with the HoloLens.