How to find uninstalled apps

How to find uninstalled apps on android, iPhone and windows

Over time, you have installed an almost boundless amount of apps on your smartphone, to the point that you have been forced to do some cleaning and uninstall some of them to free up memory space. However, you are reminded of one of the apps you deleted that would come in incredibly useful for a job you are doing. The problem is that you have long since removed it from your device and, what’s more, you can’t even remember its name.


How to do everything CCleaner does in Windows without having to install any additional program

Recent security problems of CCleaner probably have left many unwilling to continue using the program. Not only did he spend a month compromised by an injection of malware into his code, but security experts have suggested that only updating the version for a clean one might not be enough to get rid of the threat.

CCleaner is a good tool, we have recommended it multiple times because it offers a simple and fast way to perform some maintenance tasks in Windows in a few clicks. However, it is not necessary, and everything you do for you can do it manually, you just have to spend a little more time.


Microsoft is no longer and will not be the Windows company, it is the company of artificial intelligence and the cloud

Or that’s what Satya Nadella wants, which knocked Terry Myerson out of the way and almost to the Windows division a few days ago. He did humiliating the latter to occupy a discreet background to make way for the Microsoft of the future.

For Microsoft Windows it does not seem too important anymore. What matters is artificial intelligence and the cloud , the two fundamental legs of a strategy that wants to look to the future almost forgetting a platform that put Microsoft where it is now.

free video editor

Are you looking for free options to edit video in Windows? These five applications can be a good alternative

Many times we use our equipment to edit sound or video files well, and when the time comes, we may be assailed by doubts about which program we should or should use. There is a wide variety of tools that we can use in Windows, almost unattainable, so choosing the best existing application is not always easy. Especially now that Movie Maker has passed to a better life.


A review of the history of Windows through blue screenshots of death

Today we learned how Microsoft is posing a striking change for the blue screen of death, and that made we want to go back in time and review the history of this Shall eminent? Feature of Windows operating systems.

These error messages have in their own right become a hallmark of Microsoft development, and although the worst seems to have happened and its appearance is less lavish with the arrival of Windows 10, these blue screens keep surprising us every so often. Thus they were born and evolved so famous BSOD.

Windows OS

Windows 10 stagnates in the market share gained Blame the end of free updates?

Windows 10 and takes time with us. A time that has served to ** know the good and not so good the operating system of Microsoft, which especially is possible impressions and feedback that are generated by users who install in their teams.

Number of facilities since it hit the market has been remarkable. First by the teams that were slowly including Windows 10 originally and primarily by the process of free update that allowed users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 could pass at zero cost.

popup windows

Benefiting from the popup windows

Much has been said about the “intrusive” windows jumping just one load a web page or remains hunkered down to show when you leave. You should know that these windows can be very useful if they are used wisely and that is what we try to show in this note.

An advertisement displayed in a pop up window is the one that opens in a separate screen, of various sizes, and in certain circumstances such as: when you enter a site, during browsing or departure.

There is also the mode pop “under”, similar as to the mechanism (window opened), but in this case does not remain in the foreground but remains in the background, waiting for the main screen is closed.

The strategies that can be employed in relation to pop up windows are…