Are you looking for free options to edit video in Windows? These five applications can be a good alternative

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Many times we use our equipment to edit sound or video files well, and when the time comes, we may be assailed by doubts about which program we should or should use. There is a wide variety of tools that we can use in Windows, almost unattainable, so choosing the best existing application is not always easy. Especially now that Movie Maker has passed to a better life.

In the case of video editing when it comes to choosing and finding the best app, we can review the Microsoft Store or some pages of developers of professional programs that offer options for editing video in Windows easier than that we could imagine. We have chosen the five that seem most interesting to us.


free video editor

The first free option that we review is given by VirtualDub, a video editing program for Windows that stands out for offering some interesting options, how is the possibility to manage groups of files simultaneously. You can also expand its functions thanks to the compatibility with third-party video filters.

Among the options offered by VirtualDub we find the possibility to cut, cut, divide, join or rotate videos, the Picture in picture view or split screen or the option to add up to 300 transitions, filters, overlays, etc. Having said all this, we must mention its interface, which is perhaps not as attractive as other market options.


free video editor

Shotcut, is the second option that goes through this list and again is a free alternative. With an interface that some may remember, Windows Movie Maker is a program that offers a simple learning curve. Just add the content to the interface to start working with it.

It offers the option of adding a large number of effects, both audio and in the form of color filters or even add watermarks to give a personal touch to the videos.

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free video editor

Another free video editor is Lightworks. How in the previous two is a program accessible to all users , even those who start in video editing. Lightworks offers options for Windows, macOS and Linux and among the advantages it offers highlights the variety of resolutions with which we can work.

Lightworks offers an attractive interface that allows multicamera, trimming, effects in real time, changing the speed of the clip, volume or the ability to work in HD, 2K or 4K. The drawback that some users can find when using Lightworks is that it has scarce audio effects when compared to other market options.


free video editor

The third of the programs in discord is VideoPad, another free alternative for those who are looking for an application to edit video without having excessive complications. VideoPad stands out for offering great performance and great processing speed.

the interface is current and easy to use and offers support for the most common file types (avi, wmv, mkv, 3gp, wmv and divx, mp4 …). It also allows the capture of video from cameras, whether web, DV or VHS, something increasingly disused. We can share the files from the app to services on the network, such as YouTube or burn them to a DVD.


free video editor

We finish the review with one of the simplest video editing programs. This is Avidemux, another free alternative to create our own home videos. It is a free and cross-platform application available together with Windows for GNU / Linux and macOS.

It allows you to cut, filter or link video, as well as edit them by adding subtitles or different audio tracks to videos. Avidemux offers compatibility with the main video formats such as MKV, AVI or MP4.

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