The 10 deadly sins of web design

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Web design and requirements has become one of the creative spaces with great growth but also more demanding. Avoid these ten unforgivable sins.

Web design and requirements has become one of the creative spaces with great growth but also more demanding, the following sins are unforgivable in development today…

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1. Time longer than two seconds to load

A website needs to capture the user’s attention within a few seconds if you do not understand what’s going on the site, it is likely to end by going to another site to look for information.

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2. Copy extensive or confusing

People do not like that on the internet there are large blocks of text, much less when they are not written in a particular way.

3. Complicated or small Font

Taking up the issue of readability, should not be placed texts with very small fonts, too detailed or difficult because they will make the work more complicated user. There browser with zoom option, but generally people will not be happy with having to use this feature.

4. Open too many pages in the browser

Control page the user should have it, if many pages are open may lose the target and want to close everything. So browsers include the option of return.

5. Unauthorized User Subscriptions

Automatic subscriptions become negative promotion; remember that sending unsolicited email is not the best way to connect with the user.

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6. Abusing information

Overloading page with text, videos or photographs, makes loading the site is carried out in a longer time and the user can fastidious.

7. Play music automatically

Include music to match the site appeared to be before a good choice, but ended up being upset for almost everyone. The audio or video file should, in any case, allow the user to operate or not.

8. To require too many steps to enter

The lower the number of steps required to access the site and the information, the greater is satisfaction.

9. Do not include contact forms

A portal without contact is a site that does not really work, it requires an identifiable and locatable personality to any needs that may be the user.

10. Complicated URL

The URL needs to be simple and based on keywords and improve the positioning of the page in search engines and the user or reader can more easily remember the domain.

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