Japandi ideas for your kitchen

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If you’re planning a kitchen refurbishment and want to be bang on trend, you should consider integrating elements of Japandi styling. Japandi is a wonderful fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, with the end result being clean lines, a functional design and a superb balance of warmth and tranquillity.

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Here is how to incorporate Japandi styling into your kitchen refurbishment.

1. Colour and Light

Japandi styling relies on using simple colour palettes which enhance the natural light within your space and create a warm and welcoming environment. Gentle contrasting colours such as pastel greens with cream cupboards can deliver an excellent effect.

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  1. Textures

    Use quality materials that deliver tactile pleasure as well as enhancing the visual aesthetic. Wood or stone worktops are sustainable, long-lasting and fit the brief well. Select well-built cabinets which open and close smoothly and quietly from a kitchen specialist such as https://www.thekitchenrefurbishmentcompany.co.uk/, and consider handleless units to gain clean lines

    3. Embrace Nature

    As well as using natural materials such as wood and stone in your kitchen build, the addition of houseplants such as oxygen-enriching elephant ear plants shows that you are truly embracing the Japandi theme.

    4. Declutter

    Clutter is the enemy of peace, so aim for a clean, clear and functional workspace. Use clever storage solutions to maximise cabinet space and only display personal effects that enhance your enjoyment of your kitchen. Large appliances should be stored in low-level cabinets while cutting boards and pan lids can be stored inside cupboard doors.

    5. Harmonise

    The ultimate aim of the Japandi style is to create a calm and harmonious space, so keep your design simple and refreshing. Include the elements that make your kitchen feel your own but do so in a manner that ensures that everything has a home. Wall-mounted magnetic strips are ideal for hanging knives and other utensils while open shelves provide space to display plants.

    By incorporating these Japandi ideas into your kitchen design, you will be bang on trend and enjoy spending time in your new favourite room.

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