The gamification market will grow by 48% over the next three years

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The gamification is the process of implementing a game mechanics non-play context, with the aim of achieving greater engagement with the user. Marketing is a sector that is already exploring its potential, entering contests, rewards and badges to make consumers want to interact with the brand. The truth is that manufacturers introduce more and more elements of gamification, as the market itself grows and becomes more sophisticated, something you are doing at high speed.

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In fact, it is expected that the market for gamification experienced exponential growth over the next three years so that by 2019 the growth rate exceeds 48%, i.e. practically current investment will double, according to a report of Research and Markets.

One of the major trends behind this growth is the increasing importance of social networks. These platforms are becoming essential marketing channels for businesses, and in a context in which the engagement in networks like Facebook is shrinking, companies are increasingly turning to integrated gamification to recover applications.

So the report says is the need to improve interactions with the consumer the driving force behind the popularity of these applications. Information on the buying behavior of customers is key to marketing professionals to design effective consumer participation in the “games” strategies and activities proposed, and these activities, in turn, give information (beyond emotional relationship can be established) it is also important to develop competitive marketing campaigns to reduce the cycle time of purchase and are capable of generating leads.

However, one of the major challenges to market growth of gamification has to do with the difficulty of finding the right solution for every situation. Gamification techniques are only useful when they are perfectly adapted to the needs of each client.

The gamification can become an essential resource for improving the customer experience

Dip the game dynamics to create conversations with consumers and helps retain consumers know best, which is why more and more companies that employ them. The gamification, in fact, is a recurring concept of the lists drawn up by marketers on emerging techniques that will shape the future of marketing.

The gamification can also add value to the shopping experience that goes beyond view, buy and pay. And not only enhances the experience at the time of purchase, but also allows to anticipate the needs of consumers and their tastes, as consumers are more likely to share information about their buying habits in this friendly and playful context.

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Although currently most brands are not opting for these techniques; in late 2014, only 45.3% of companies were using the gamification in their communication tasks, according to data of a marketing research. Another statistic of research pointed out, in any case, that this year the market would grow to 2.8 billion. Booming and full sail…

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