The Power of Pneumatics

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The Pneumatic System is one of the most incredible inventions and discoveries of mankind. It can be used in the most inventive ways, and the world wouldn’t be as easy to live in without it. Take pneumatic conveying as an example. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to move products and goods without having to use a lot of expensive materials. It’s easy to see how a pneumatic system can improve productivity and streamline production. What is pneumatics?

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In order to operate pneumatically, you need compressed air or inert gases. You may be wondering what an inert gas is. It’s the opposite of a noble gas. That’s not very helpful. It’s enough to say that inert gas doesn’t react with other elements the way a noble gas does. Inert gases are perfect for propelling products or pods in tubes without any issues or problems. Controlled by a manual control panel or an automatic one, the system regulates solenoid valves that also regulate the flow of compressed air or inert gas. For more details on a Vacuum conveying System, visit Aptech, suppliers of Vacuum conveying System services.

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It is easy to believe that the pneumatic system was invented in modern times, but its roots can be traced back to ancient Greece. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Athens or Sparta had pneumatic tubes all over the market, transporting bronze Hoplite weapons and armour. To them, it was a mere toy or curiosity. Hero of Alexandria wrote extensively about the topic. Otto von Guericke, a German physicist, developed the idea by creating a machine which could remove air and create a vacuum. After this, it was easier to add air and inert gas.

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