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The company profile on Twitter is essential to represent the values and the best contents of the brand.

For any brand, social media presence is now a must. We have already seen how Twitter for Business offers different tools to enhance the corporate presence on the network: it is important to know how to create a company profile, a Twitter page that allows potential customers or followers to know the identity and values of the brand. A powerful web marketing tool, which if used at its best allows to increase brand reputation and sales.

The company profile on Twitter is clearly different from the personal one: the same difference between personal and corporate blogs. To create an effective one, you need to know how this particular social network works, so you need to know the guidelines to better communicate.

Twitter page

1) The username is the fastest way to get recognized on Twitter. It must be a maximum of 15 characters and must be exactly that of the company, because in this way users can find it easily by searching.

2) The second most important thing is the profile photo: it must best represent the company from the visual point of view. The image must fit best in a small space (400 x 400 pixels) and is fundamental, because it does not only appear on the profile, but also as an icon in every tweet you publish.

3) The bio is a much visited space on Twitter: in a space of only 160 characters you have to communicate how your company differs from the others. In this space it is also recommended to enter useful information, for example the place where the company is present, or the opening time. A link to the official website is fundamental: it must be unique, so as to be able to monitor and analyze all those who visit it and come from Twitter.

Twitter page

4) In the header image (1500 x 500 pixels) you have to insert something that really represents the company. In this case it can be a product, promotions, events or a graphic that summarizes the corporate identity.

5) The tweets are the contents that are published from time to time. Product news, company news, or special offers. An important tweet can also be set at the top, to highlight a particular communication.

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