PC or Console: Which one to choose to play?

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A clash between apocalyptic and integrated that has been going on for at least a decade: to play is better the computer or the console? Giving an answer to this question is far from simple. Each player has their favorite device and hardly changes their mind. If you grew up playing with the PlayStation or the Xbox, you will continue to do so even in adulthood. Although some friends suggest leaving the console and buying a computer that guarantees better performance. And the same goes for those who grew up playing with the PC. Although the consoles offer a higher number of video games, computer lovers will not abandon it.

Giving an answer on which platform is the best to play is complicated, but it is possible to analyze the advantages of using a computer or a console. In this way, a person who looks for the first time in the gaming world, will be able to decide what to buy having in mind what is going on. This comparison can also be useful to professional players who want to change devices, but are still not very convinced. Here is a comparison between gaming PCs and consoles.

Why choose the gaming computer?

The gaming computer market has been growing strongly in recent years and this is demonstrated by the growing number of models presented at major technology fairs. In the latest editions of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the most important technology fair that takes place every year in Las Vegas, companies such as Asus, Razer, Dell and NVidia have presented gaming hardware and computer components that ensure high performance and that in the most cases have a very particular design.

PC or Console

For thousands of players the PC is the best device to play. The reasons are many and different from each other. In addition to ensuring higher performance than the console, the computer also offers the possibility to upgrade the hardware components without having to buy a new PC. You can only update the video card and RAM, without having to spend additional money on the motherboard and the processor.

1) Replace the hardware components: One of the advantages of using a computer to play is definitely the ability to change one of the internal components without having to spend a high amount on a new device. If after two or three years that we have purchased the video card or the RAM we realize that with some videogames the computer starts to struggle, we can decide to buy a new model more performing, spending a lower amount than the price of a new console .

2) Image quality is higher: The consoles are updated every four to five years. The PC video cards on average every 12 months. This time difference should explain why the image quality guaranteed by the computer is higher than that of the consoles. The GPU of the computer ensures higher performance and higher resolution.

3) More choice in peripherals: Joypad, mouse and keyboard. With the computer you have a freedom of choice in the use of peripherals. You are not obliged to use a controller and there are dozens of mouse and keyboard designed specifically for gaming. Moreover, in online multiplayer it is almost mandatory to use the mouse or keyboard to have a greater guarantee of success.

4) PC games cost less: It may seem a minor matter, but PC games cost a little less than the console fees. This is not a very big saving, but if we buy a dozen video games a year it is a large sum.

Why choose the console?

For many players the consoles were the first instrument with which they began to discover the world of video games and that accompanied them during their childhood. And still today there are many gamers who use consoles to play together. Compared to the computer, they are easier to use and need less “care”.

PC or Console

1) The consoles are easy to use: Before starting to play with a computer it is necessary to update the video card drivers and hope that the PC meets the minimum requirements to run the game. With a console (PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo) you don’t have all these problems. Just plug it into the TV, insert the video game and you can start having fun. Furthermore, the latest console models also support applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, offering the possibility to watch TV series and movies.

2) Cost less: The price of a console does not exceed 500 dollars, while for the purchase of a gaming computer it is possible to spend even 1500-2000 dollars. The performance offered by the console is lower, but the user experience is not affected much. Even after three or four years it is not necessary to buy a new model because video games still run perfectly without any slowdown.

3) Exclusive video games: PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo have exclusive titles that are not developed for the PC. In most cases they are very high quality titles like The Last of Us, Zelda and Uncharted, just to name names. The console allows a wider choice of titles to buy. Although the cost is slightly higher than PC games.

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