How to play ocarina of time multiplayer?

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While Ocarina of Time is an excellent single-player experience, it’s an even better multiplayer experience. If you’ve played the game recently and thought, “Hey, this would be so much better with some friends,” don’t worry — setting up a multiplayer game won’t take long at all. In fact, if you have a solid internet connection with plenty of bandwidth (or just want to play locally), we’ll show you how to play Ocarina of Time multiplayer in less than 15 minutes! This article is presented by

How to play ocarina of time multiplayer

To play multiplayer, you’ll need two copies of the game. We recommend two players using one controller, but if you want to play with more people, you can use other controllers to accommodate up to four total players. If you have only one controller and three friends who want to play multiplayer with you, they’ll each need their own copy of Ocarina Of Time.

If everyone agrees on which game they’d like to use as the primary version (the player who’s hosting), then all other players should start up their cartridge too. Make sure your GameCube is connected via an ethernet cable or USB adapter so that it’s able to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (NWC).

ocarina of time multiplayer

How to setup Glide64 with Zelda and other games

The first step to getting the Glide64 plugin working with Ocarina of Time is to download and install a program called Glide64. Download it here. Also, look at how to make cookies on Minecraft.

Once you have Glide64 downloaded, go ahead and install it by running the file that you downloaded. In Windows 10 this is as simple as double clicking on the .exe file and following any instructions that pop up in order to complete installation.

Once you’ve installed Glide64 successfully, we can move on to setting up our controller configurations so that they work properly with both Ocarina of Time and other games like Super Smash Bros Melee etc..

Setting up Ocarina of Time Multiplayer

As you’ve probably noticed, Ocarina of Time isn’t designed to be played in co-op. However, the Glide64 plugin allows players to play the game in multiplayer mode by linking their controllers together and holding down certain buttons at the same time.

To get started, you’ll need to download both Glide64 and Emulator Enhancer for N64. You can do this by searching for them on Google or with your favorite search engine (we recommend DuckDuckGo). Once installed, open up that emulator app on your computer and click “Config” at the top left corner of your screen.

Click “Controller Settings,” then click “Controller 1.” Type in whatever name you want here—we recommend just using a nickname so it’s easy to remember later! Type a comma after this text (,) then go back into Emulator Enhancer by pressing ctrl+E or cmd+E depending on what OS you’re using. Go back into Config>Controller Settings again and select Controller 2 under Profiles; repeat steps 4-5 above but use another nickname instead of Controller 1 as before (for example: Controller 2). Now close out all open windows except for one containing Ocarina of Time!

Ocarina of time multiplayer is pretty smooth when done right.

To play the game, you must first boot up your Nintendo 64. Insert Ocarina of Time into the system and turn on the power. Then, when you have an emulator open, drag and drop all of your ROMs into it.

Ocarina of Time Multiplayer is a lot like Mario Kart 64; this means that you will need a second controller in order to play multiplayer. If you do not have another controller available, then your computer keyboard will work just fine!

Once everything is set up and ready to go, navigate through each stage until reaching the final boss battle against Ganondorf at Ganon’s Tower. This next step is important: make sure both players are standing on either side of one another so that they are close enough together for their names appear next to each other at the top left corner of screen (this can be done by pressing Z on a keyboard). Once both players are standing close enough together during this fight scene under normal conditions should trigger online multiplayer where both can proceed through stages together as long as they don’t run too far apart from one another or get killed off by enemies along way..


You can get this game on Amazon or Ebay. It’s a pretty fun game, and it has some great features like multiplayer! It’s also an easy game to setup for people who are not familiar with emulation or other gaming systems like PS4, XBOX One etc.

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