If you want to work without losing control now rides a private cloud

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When we talk about the cloud in the company one of the main problems that arise is the loss of security and control of data. At the end of the cloud does not exist, we are simply using a third party server. But in these cases we have the opportunity to work without losing control now riding a private cloud.

Private Cloud
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It is to have the server located in our office, but that allows us to access applications from any location we need. It is available from any location to put the applications that you have installed on the server and allow remote access to those resources.

Private cloud that has long been underway

If we refine a little longer process, we should seek applications that have adapted their design to mobile browsing or had an app that can be configured to access them from a smartphone or tablet, something basic if you have users in mobility and less If you only want to access from other locations.


The problem is that often this is only possible through an access Terminal Server where the user connects to the server to work; the connection is slow and in some cases forced to install on the server a number of resources that would not be needed to work locally. Thus it is best to have only one server to help us manage these remote connections.

Of course this requires us two fundamental issues. For one more maintenance and management of the services the company provides workers to connect remotely, and on the other, have a bandwidth contracted with adequate speed, both speed downstream and upstream.

While the security of systems, both in the access control of workers and what they can do each remote is one of the points to consider. We also have an added expense in infrastructure or hardware, but also software that connections are made ​​securely.

Yet perhaps the weakness of our own cloud is on mobility management, where many applications will not be comfortable, even for data query. Working with small dimensions screens designed for desktop can be very unproductive applications.

Everything depends on the type of applications you use our company. If we start from scratch you can find an application that can be accessed through the web browser, with your username and password, without relying on nothing more than Internet access.

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