Facebook and its artificial intelligence before the thin line between freedom of expression and censorship

Facebook has been in the public eye in recent months due to privacy issues and mismanagement of user information, something that has not been easy and that has created a kind of distrust in the work that makes Mark Zuckerberg within his social network.

Well, Zuck wants to clean up his image and that of Facebook, and after the recent chaos, he promised there would be changes in the short and medium term. This is how today the company is publishing its first transparency report, which is based on the effectiveness of its new guidelines for eliminating inappropriate and prohibited content within the community, with which it seeks to gain that trust again and in the process demonstrate that yes they are working on eliminating that type of content.


Microsoft is no longer and will not be the Windows company, it is the company of artificial intelligence and the cloud

Or that’s what Satya Nadella wants, which knocked Terry Myerson out of the way and almost to the Windows division a few days ago. He did humiliating the latter to occupy a discreet background to make way for the Microsoft of the future.

For Microsoft Windows it does not seem too important anymore. What matters is artificial intelligence and the cloud , the two fundamental legs of a strategy that wants to look to the future almost forgetting a platform that put Microsoft where it is now.

Googles processor

This is Google’s processor for artificial intelligence and machine learning

Although not given the hype it deserves, the whole industry is aware that Google is developing its own hardware: processors with which to accelerate algorithms that work artificial intelligence and ‘machine learning’.

This new Google processor was introduced last year during the Google I / O developer event. It responds to the name of Tensor Processing Unit – TPU – and since then we have not had more details about it.


Google has faced two artificial intelligence systems, will they fight or work together!

Google has for some years been with DeepMind, its advanced artificial intelligence system, which has already given important samples of its capabilities by repeatedly winning Go teachers. Similarly, DeepMind continues to grow by nurturing new experiences such as the ability to manipulate physical objects, and even play StarCraft II.

Google knows that the day will come that DeepMind has to face other systems of artificial intelligence, and that moment will be decisive to know if they are able to collaborate or conflict in order to defend each one their interests. Therefore, Google has decided to anticipate that scenario, and make two artificial intelligence interact with each other within a series of social dilemmas.


The total bet of Microsoft by artificial intelligence

With a constant foreboding about computers with the post-PC era, and a mobile division that does not give happiness for some time, to Microsoft it ‘s up to strengthen the areas in which there is a brighter future and an obvious inclination also part of the competition. Thus, for some time investment of the company, it is more than evident in this sector, and it seems that Microsoft’s bid by artificial intelligence is becoming stronger.

The last thing I told the Wall Street Journal, echoing that Harry Shum will take over the division of artificial intelligence Company, a key movement centered on a new horizon in this field. Will what you do go out Microsoft from the ashes of other lost battles?