The total bet of Microsoft by artificial intelligence

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With a constant foreboding about computers with the post-PC era, and a mobile division that does not give happiness for some time, to Microsoft it ‘s up to strengthen the areas in which there is a brighter future and an obvious inclination also part of the competition. Thus, for some time investment of the company, it is more than evident in this sector, and it seems that Microsoft’s bid by artificial intelligence is becoming stronger.

The last thing I told the Wall Street Journal, echoing that Harry Shum will take over the division of artificial intelligence Company, a key movement centered on a new horizon in this field. Will what you do go out Microsoft from the ashes of other lost battles?

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A good resume in artificial intelligence

That of Microsoft with artificial intelligence is more than a point flirting is something that has been known for some time, or at least perceived, although it is now that the company has been clear in its intent. In March this year we saw actually quite proposals of the company related to this field, some more fortunate than others.

Remember the uproar with the web telling us what we appear to age? It was, one of the initiatives of the Oxford Project, which was a series of APIs whose purpose was closely related to data collection, as detailed at the time. In addition to “guess” age, we also saw an API for emotion recognition, to get mustache and had fun looking for our double (more or less).

Thus, by the end of March the Redmond left aside the focus on facial recognition and put up publicly Tay, a bot with whom we could interact style we do with attendee’s current voice (or the most recent google Allo). But in particular it had only intended to entertain us in an interactive way.

The problem is that the entertainment surpassed provisions. The bot was fed chats 18- 24 and responses dedicated to improvisation comedy, which ultimately became a molotov cocktail with a good assortment of racist messages, which could collect at the time (just two days after commissioning public march).

This was sounded, but it is not all that Microsoft has publicly released regarding artificial intelligence far. Shortly after Tay met an interesting project that was resorted to AI to help the blind and people with impaired vision: glasses that recognized environmental elements so that translated the visual stimulus to an audio message, describing for the blind what was before.

Thus, in late April, another initiative related to the recognition of elements came to light. Specifically it was CaptionBot, a system that could give captions recognizing the forms that were in a photo, with allusions to emotions, short descriptions and even identifying famous characters.

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What is coming?

Other clues from Microsoft about the effort you are putting into this field are purchases of companies, as we heard just over a month ago. With intent to integrate their system into the Office suite, the Redmond were made with Genee, a company with a service – based scheduling meetings AI.

But not everything is in project development and more or less viral experiments. As is evident, artificial intelligence will make increasingly more important part of the services offered by technology in the future, and advancing it ever allowed to go further, so we had to put up the matter in order that there is a correct development.

It’s why Microsoft and other technology giants (Facebook, Amazon, Google (Alphabet) and IBM) have left aside differences to join forces in a common cause centered on artificial intelligence: Partnership on AI. The goal: to join forces and resources for the development and research of artificial intelligence is done within a framework of good practice and stay away from that fateful future that arisesfrom time to time in which this is not a help, but a threat.

What plans does Microsoft within this framework in AI? So far the company has not given more information on which projects have, but we know he has a team of approximately 5,000 employees led by Shum, who said in an interview that the company wants to accelerate development in this division.

To this we must add references Satya Nadella has recently made a conference on IT in Atlanta and collected in Fortune. The CEO highlighted this field, explaining that the goal is to “democratize AI” to reach all users, and spoke of it as one of the four “main pillars” of the company, being the cornerstone of its services in the cloud.

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