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Instagram has become the social network of the moment. Its growth worldwide is being unstoppable, and has become a perfect showcase for many people. It is a good way to promote your business, products, brands or promote your career. The options are many in this social network, although to be able to promote yourself, the important thing is to have followers in the social network. And this is not always easy.

Luckily, there are several tricks and tips that are very helpful when it comes to gaining followers on Instagram. So if you have a profile in the social network and you want to reach as many users as possible, you can follow these tips and start growing in the same way.

Determine the best time to upload photos

followers on Instagram

Instagram is a social network in which there are notable peaks of activity at certain times. These peaks are usually at similar hours from one country to another, but it is good to know. Since if we upload a photo moments before this peak of activity occurs, we will be more likely that the photo will attract the attention of more users. And if there are people who like our photo, we have the possibility that they will also follow us.

There are usually several times throughout the day when there is more activity in the social network. 5 o’clock in the afternoon and 8 o’clock in the afternoon are the busiest times . Although there may be differences depending on the country in which you reside. Luckily, we have tools that allow us to easily know which are the best hours.

We can use Iconosquare to know the best hours to upload a photo to Instagram. In this way, we will be right with the moment and we will be able to generate more interest, since the photo will be exposed to a greater number of users in the social network. A simple trick, but very effective.

For that reason, it is good that we throw our posts in these hours. There may be times when you are not available to upload the post. We always have recourse to tools that help us to schedule photos on Instagram. So we can take a large part of the work previously and then we can only upload that photo in the social network. There are applications such as Schedules that are very useful.

Use of hashtags in photos

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Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram. Since the use of certain hashtags in a photo can help the photo to have greater visibility among users, especially if it is hashtags that have a lot of tracking. In addition, a few months ago the social network introduced the possibility of following a hashtag. So this gives us many more possibilities, since people who have an interest in a particular hashtag will be able to see our publications.

It is important to use these hashtags in the posts that we upload on Instagram. But, it is important that we do not abuse them, as this gives the feeling that the only thing we are doing is spam. For what significantly damages our image. Using a few but well-selected hashtags in the photos is a good way to gain notoriety and attract followers to our profile.

While we can use hashtags like #love or #photo, we must use those related to the photo we upload or what we want to sell. We may be a business or an artist, in these cases, use those that are related to your profile . Coherence is key in this regard. About the amount we should use, maximum 5 hashtags per post.

Comment and give likes to other followers

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If we want someone to follow us on Instagram, we can take the initiative and follow that profile or person. Like your photos or comment on them. It is a way for this person to know that we exist, as well as to help generate an interaction between these profiles. So we make ourselves known and they will realize that we are there and will end up visiting our profile in the social network. It seems somewhat unimportant, but it is good to know that we are an active account in the social network.

It is usually a known effect on Instagram, that when you start commenting on photos from other profiles and giving likes, you will start to see how your photos get more likes, and it is very likely that your number of followers will go up. It is something very simple, but that will serve as a promotion. Also to meet people who may be of our interest, or can help us in certain projects. An opportunity that surely you do not want to miss.

Filters and quality of photos

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Surely this is something you already know, but it is important that the quality of the photos that we upload to Instagram is the best possible. We not only refer to the resolution of the images, which is also important, but to be professionally made photos. Because if we are promoting something or want to make our work known, it is essential that we present it in the best possible way. And in this social network, it is showing good photos.

Photo filters are very popular on Instagram. If we take a walk through profiles in the social network, you can see that many make use of the same filters. Filters like Valencia are very popular and are used by most people with an account in it. You can try to use these filters, since it can help your photos to like more. It is also good to find a couple of filters that help you to give an image of consistency.

In addition, we can make use of tools such as VSCO, which will help us to make the photos we upload on Instagram the best possible. It is an image editor, which will allow us to edit the photos, in addition to introducing filters in them. It is easy to use, and it is one of the best options available in the market.


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Closely related to the previous point is our profile. We need to have a profile that is consistent with what we want to achieve in the social network. Therefore, we must have a profile picture. In addition, in the description that there is in this profile, it is important that the text makes sense and helps us to our goal. So if we are an artist, let’s say it there, if we are a brand, let it out. Also, it is good to always put a web or blog to discover more content.

The idea is that Instagram is a means for users to know you. Especially if you sell something, so you will be able to redirect later to your website. So it’s important to have a professional profile, be clear and invite people to follow us on this social network.

It is also important that we are active and have the profile updated frequently. Whether uploading photos or sharing stories. Since stories in the social network have become one of its most popular features, so do not hesitate to use them, as they help us to have an interaction with followers.

Buy followers?

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One solution that many profiles use in Instagram is the purchase of followers. It is a very fast way to win a large number of followers very quickly. Paying amounts like 20 or 25 dollars can be done with thousands of followers in the social network. What undoubtedly can suppose an impulse in this sense, although it has several disadvantages that in many cases are not commented, and it is important to take into account.

One of the main problems is that these followers are not quality. In many cases they are profiles without a photo and without activity. So they do not really contribute anything to us, since at no time will they like our photos, nor will there be any interaction with them. Which is somehow a waste of money for us.

Also, it is very easy to see fake followers in Instagram accounts. Just see that there are accounts that have hundreds of thousands of users, but then the amount of likes and likes is really low. This is usually due to the purchase of false followers, and also because they have not known how to connect with the followers they have. It is essential at all times to know how to interest them, so that they participate and follow what we upload.

Therefore, it is better not to resort to this purchase of followers on Instagram. Especially if we want to convey a good image. Because it shows right away when there are users that buy followers, and this is not something that gives a good image to other people. So the reality is that it does not compensate us. With these tricks, we will be much easier to gain followers in the social network, whose popularity continues to increase.

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