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How to make a website? This is the question that many users are there; here is a possible answer. To do that you can rely on the WordPress site! WordPress fact is not only a famous CMS for managing websites, but also gives you the ability to have a site immediately ready to be filled with content. So we see in this article how to create a website with WordPress.

The procedure is not very difficult, so it’s quick and simple, first of all to get started creating your website you have to access the wordpress main page.

How to Make a Website: Subscribing to WordPress

Let’s see how to make a website using wordpress the first step is to do is of course the free is concertize to the site.

If you look on the site in the left side of the screen will appear an orange button that says Get Started Here. To jump-start the site creation process you just press it to be taken to the next step.

Website On WordPress
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In the data you are asked for on the form, the procedure you are about to start will explain step by step how to make a site using this platform. Make sure you place all the data you are asked for, which include:

  • Blogs Address: The website address through which it will be accessible, so you’ll get a second level domain free
  • User Name: That is none other than your user name, you can what you want, always if it is available, otherwise seek it another.
  • Confirm password: Choose a password and enter it twice in the fields, the first field the password sect, the second verification that the password you choose is actually the correct one.

You will be required to continue the procedure, another important fact, that your E-mail. Enter a valid and correct email, because it will be right on the direction which is a confirmation email and effective activation site

Wait for the confirmation email, in which you’ll find a link to press to confirm your willingness to open the site. With that click you will be brought directly within, or rather behind the scenes of your new site, or the so-called wordpress backend. With this last step, the procedure that tells you how to make a website with wordpress is almost finished. Now you will need to fill the content of your new site.

And ‘from this screen that arise all items, menus and graphics on your site. This section will of course only visible to you and no one else, unless you do not appoint other directors with you.

If this is the hidden side of the page, we see now what it looks like the “facade” is the site as seen by everyone else.

This is one of the many themes for your website, the first is chosen randomly by the system, but you can always change it later using the special menu at the backend. In addition to this you can choose which widgets display, create menus etc.

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At this stage you would be already ready to insert your content inside of your new site. You arrived at this point you’ll definitely want to customize it a bit. So let’s see how to make a site with custom graphics using WordPress.

How to Make a Site: Customizing A WordPress Site

Now that your site’s skeleton is ready, you must now put a “skin” to your site, choosing and changing one of wordpress themes that are inculsi is already pre installed on the CMS. To access the themes section, you must press the voice Appearance and then Themes.

On the right of the screen will appear different themes, and to see more just click on the button located at the bottom updates. When you find a theme to your liking press the key Activate, to apply it.

When the theme has been applied, I could change some of its characteristics.

This time choosing the voice background, always from the same menu that you see in the image above, you can change the default theme background, with one of your choice, by uploading it from your hard disk.

Using the Browse button, you can select one from the Hard disk image for use as wallpaper, other settings also allow you to change the color schemes, and also the image header, these options vary according to the type of chosen theme.

Now that you also set the skin on your site, you have to fill it with content and articles; to make it comes into backend and start editing your articles by clicking on items and Add new.

I hope this guide will be useful and that you have to realize your website, we chose this platform because it is the most simple and quick to use, even for inexperienced users. As you saw in the guide by creating a free website with wordpress customer a second-level domain. You will always and at any time to buy a real top-level domain, and have lots of features in more activated.

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