How to choose the keywords of your business online

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75% of users never go out of the first page of search results and advertising ignores 70-80% and focuses on the pages found.

These data show the relevance of the SEO to manage and optimize traffic of potential customers to online businesses.

It is estimated that currently exist in the world more than 644 million active websites, so positioning our business is not easy.

Choose the keywords
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Steps to choose keywords

The keywords should:

  • Attracting quality traffic and customers willing to buy in your online store. For that two questions must be answered: What sell your online store? And what they will look for customers to find your products? To achieve an adjusted response and we get access to those customers looking for us. However, this is not enough.
  • Allowing appear among the first search results by using keywords with less competition. To achieve this there is very useful to use the keyword planner Google AdWords. Just create a Google AdWords account and find keywords for your business in two steps.

From the Tools menu, select “Find new keyword ideas and ad groups” and fill in the fields Planner, paste the keyword ideas you already have, select the locations to which you go, choose the languages ​​that you go and click on “Get ideas” Finally, Google reviews the suggestions in the keyword ideas tab.

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Follow the steps as you can know the search volume for each keyword and level of competition. Google AdWords to suggest related terms that might find convenient.

Look at the average search, the higher, the more difficult it will appear among the first pages of Google results.

One last tip, although not among the most sought leave, do not forget the key words long.

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