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Script Type 2 is the second version of JavaScript Extensibility set that allows a typed programming, object – oriented and compiled into EAMC 3 or higher.

At first I was faced with resistance in the community, but gradually have been gaining users to receive the final accolade with the announcement by the development team Angular JS, your future version 2 be programmed in typescript.

Typescript 2
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A good web as an information point

Microsoft has just announced the publication of a new web of typescript 2, with a nice design based in the city of Seattle, but above all with the goal of being the primary source of information technology.

To do so the first thing I found on the homepage is how to download, install and configure in editors Family Visual Studio (2013, 2015 and Code), and also those used in the rest of the community, as are: Sublime, Vim, Eclipse, Atom, etc.

I liked the format presented documentation – fleeing the terrible Windows Help format – similar to if a technology blog, but good quality items and detail.

Also the examples section seems very interesting, especially for newbies (like me) who require help to get started. If anything negative to point out that there are very few that have been published, but solves the next tab.

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The connection section takes us to places of interest such as the repository GitHub code (if it is Open Source) if we give to make a Pull Request; Stack Overflow, the team twiter and typescript Blog for the latest information or ask any questions; a GitHub repository where I can access a collection definition files; and a last link to the list of companies that use typescript (spare me).

To close, one last tab gives me access to something that I always enjoy. An editor / compiler / online executor of typescript, where in the text box on the left I can go write my code, compile it and see the result in JavaScript on the right, and run it to see a nice “Hello World”. At times something so simple is very useful to refresh the syntax that resists.

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