5 essential keys to deal a crisis in social networks

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Social networks are everywhere. There is no brand that does not have a profile on Twitter, not Facebook upload content (and dream of accumulating fan after fan) and do not expect your photos on Instagram receive more and more I like it. But not only the brands are on social networks willing to share its advantages and good qualities, but consumers are also there, watchful eye for their mistakes and failures and share them with the world or to complain about their problems and bad praxis.

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The social universe has become a kind of glass stage where everything is and everything is shared and where companies face a constant control. An identity crisis in social media is therefore easier than it seems and businesses must be prepared to fight it and extricating himself. In an analysis in Simply Measured point 5 key points that every company should consider if you want to be able to come out victorious from a crisis in social networks.

The key word is anticipation

A crisis in social networks is one of the problems that you face no mark. Social networking is one of the elements that have become key in building brand image and so companies and pamper care what they do and say the same. A negative trending topic is one of the elements that generate more stress among those responsible for a company. Therefore, we must be very prepared for what might happen. And therefore, the first point to have on hand is the preparation: companies must anticipate potential failures and have to work to anticipate what may happen. Brands have to anticipate potential failures and elements of tension and therefore have to have already prepared an answer to these problems.

We must work together

Social networks are not a matter of a person and businesses are not. Many variations and many potential move elements move. The community manager cannot go to step in a crisis individually, cannot act on their own; others must take into account within the company. Therefore, in a crisis, we must work together and coordinated. Everyone has to know what to do and what their role within the overall plan.

Do not wait until the crisis comes to you

Or what it is the same: I was proactive in identifying points of tension and potential elements that may create tension. Having alerts that warn of unusual activity or an influencer mention that cannot go unanswered is inevitable. The brand has to know what is happening at all times and must be fully aware of what is happening in the social environment so that things do not get caught off guard.

We need to establish who the crisis team

When brands are facing a crisis, be it in the territory, have a decided advance team that will be responsible for managing it all. The brands know so that when something happens they have to notify certain workers and it is they who are responsible for putting out the fire. The same applies to social networks. Brands have to have a team of crisis than the one alert at that time. That team has to know not only part of it but also the role it occupies in it. Besides, as recalled in the analysis, the smaller is better: decisions are taken faster.

Humility is the magic word

In every crisis we must be able to accept mistakes and apologize for them. In social networks that is much more clear and evident: as pointed out, we must be prepared to be humble and to swallow the words / errors / blunders that led to where you are. The brand has to recognize his mistake and thank the feedback that consumers are giving. He needs to learn from mistakes and has to apologize for their mistakes.

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