install games on Mac

How to install games on Mac

Do we want to play video games on Macbook or iMac? Let’s find out how to install games on MacOS

The Mac is seen by all as a great PC only for those looking for a nice looking device and a simple and fast operating system in daily use, sacrificing a part of the functionality that can be found on a Desktop PC with Windows installed.

Many in fact think that it is not possible to play games on Mac, leaving this task to a Windows PC (much more suitable, in particular for the power of the video cards).

hacking game

15 games with which you can become a complete hacker and learn a lot along the way

None of us are safe! The last major computer attacks have shown that the cybersecurity segment is one of the most interesting professionally, but how to begin to know this complex world?

The answer could be something much more fun than we might think, because there are several games that try to serve as an introduction to the world of hacking and cybersecurity. There are more and less ambitious, but they all offer fun and learning equally. Who knows? You could end up becoming a real hacker playing …