Microsoft Studio

Microsoft is selling twice as much as expected with Surface Studio, say component suppliers

Some call it alternative or response Microsoft to Apple iMac, others simply understand that setting all-in-one is very intelligent and was needed in the Windows environment a reference model was created, with which raise the level of the supply available. Surface Studio is this, but it is also an important test to check whether something can really work well in the market.

Microsoft Surface Studio

Is Surface Studio the detonator of a new range of PCs? If so, we love the idea

The Surface Studio of Microsoft has been one of the most pleasant surprises of recent times in technology. With its lights and shadows (which also has them) this aspirational equipment has shown us that there is room for improvement in the area of PCs and laptops and can in fact serve as inspiration for upcoming releases.

The Redmond boys’ proposal could actually create a trend, because Dell has posted a video in which it also seems to be preparing to launch its own adaptation of that idea. Maybe Dell is just the first of many manufacturers who take the witness of this new range of All-in-One PCs, and indeed hope that the fever for the “All-in-One convertible” is spreading fast: the more alternatives, best.