Is Surface Studio the detonator of a new range of PCs? If so, we love the idea

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The Surface Studio of Microsoft has been one of the most pleasant surprises of recent times in technology. With its lights and shadows (which also has them) this aspirational equipment has shown us that there is room for improvement in the area of PCs and laptops and can in fact serve as inspiration for upcoming releases.

The Redmond boys’ proposal could actually create a trend, because Dell has posted a video in which it also seems to be preparing to launch its own adaptation of that idea. Maybe Dell is just the first of many manufacturers who take the witness of this new range of All-in-One PCs, and indeed hope that the fever for the “All-in-One convertible” is spreading fast: the more alternatives, best.

Microsoft Surface Studio
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Surface Studio is not perfect

The new All-in-One Microsoft is a marvel of engineering, but it is not a perfect team. Many users were amazed by that screen and that deployment mechanism, but at the same time criticized the hardware configuration of a computer that was not as ambitious as we might expect.

The biggest criticisms fall on both the processor (no Kaby Lake) and especially in the GPU a GeForce 980M that even being decent for a modest team seems to be an unfortunate choice for a team of more than 3,000 dollars like this. One would expect to aspire to the new NVIDIA GTX 10×0 family, but in this case, we will have to put up with a solution that could be considered almost “poor”.

The fact is that what is selling to you Microsoft is not a processor or a GPU. That price is due solely to the prodigious display of 4500 x 3000 pixels also becomes a perfect canvas for any artist. The question is obvious: why does not Microsoft just offer the screen, no more?

That would allow users with other preferences to combine that reclining screen with much more powerful – or even more modest – hardware, and make the solution actually become one more element of a set customizable by the user. It seems that this is going to be a future option from Microsoft, but fortunately, other alternatives may appear.

The idea is not new reality, and Wacom takes some time marketing your Cintiq 27-inch, a monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which is precisely a good expression of this kind of option.

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Dell, the first to pick up the glove

There are several manufacturers who are betting clearly by the segment of PCs and laptops, but the first that seems to have wanted to follow Microsoft in that idea is Dell. The company published these days a teaser of which will probably be its star launch in CES 2017:

The concept presented by Dell is not entirely new, and indeed the company first spoke of such design in 2014. In the video you can see how Dell no reclining screen, but there are actually two screens in which at least one if not both – are tactile, and serves as a center touch control everything Happens on that vertical screen with a flashy speaker system.

Dell’s idea goes even further, and also uses a similar to Surface Dial small disc, which will take advantage of the options offered certain developments to improve the user interface thanks to this unique method of control. Will Dell be the one to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft?

Manufacturers, it is your opportunity

Surface Studio has discovered a trend that many of us are interested in. While this team is geared to artists and creative professionals, the possibilities offered by this type of equipment can attract a more general audience, and that is where other manufacturers could take advantage of that option.

There are many who can take a step forward in this direction, but it seems clear that one of the players can be HP; a few months ago presented his unique and courageous HP Sprout. This All-In-One team was a twist to traditional PCs, but the ideas were applied even too “revolutionary” for most users.

Here Microsoft has been able to sell this kind of creative direction better, and HP may also come up with surprises in this regard. It should not be the only, because there are other brands like ASUS, Acer or Lenovo (we have just seen with the Book Yoga) also carrying time looking for new territories to explore to further demonstrate that the PC makes sense.

Of course you have, just shouted Microsoft. I hope that others will do the same, because Surface Studio could be the trigger for a new range of aspiration products and other derivatives that may bring these high-end PCs to users with fewer requirements or needs in the creative field. CES will see if in two months reveals new surprises in this regard.

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