What are the motivations that lead users to share content online?

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As for the motivation to share content, it emphasizes the power of humor and makes people laugh.

Achieving create viral content is the dream of every marketer, and it seems clear why: this is the ideal way to maximize investment in content marketing, making a brand message reaches many people at relatively low cost. So many studies trying to find out what leads consumers to share content online. The latter is Adobe and reveals that virtually all share content via Internet: specifically, 64% of Internet users do, that percentage rises to 75% in countries like the United States.

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As for the motivation to share content it emphasizes the power of humor. In fact, 37% of respondents-the eldest percent said the main reason was distributed third-party content to recipients laugh. The funny contents are a powerful weapon for brands, since, in addition, 70% of consumers believe that companies are closer fun and 75% expect that the contents will “entertain”. All this is in line with the results of another Ipsos survey, as indicated in MarketingCharts, where most Internet users are considered more likely to share something funny in front of something important in social networks.

In any case, make others laugh is not the only motivation for sharing content. 29% of Internet users do to publicize a specific issue, 27% to offer content they believe friends enjoy 21% to provide information on a topic and 20% for connecting people with similar one same. Other motivations are relatively common share vital moments, get likes, share professional information, ask or give advice, or create a “gallery” of important things or who likes to share.

It is to laugh, to give advice or to share with friends the things they like, it is noteworthy that most of the motivations to share content correspond to more common motivation: connect with others through these contents – whether they are themselves as external-. This data can be linked with other Adobe survey according to which 57% of Internet users believe that technology had changed the way they interacted with others; 75% said that today it is easier to share photos and items with friends and family who only five years ago; and 61% felt that it was now easier to keep up with those friends and family.

Facebook, the favorite platform for sharing content

We have seen the motivation to share content, now have to analyze where such content is shared. And while the main way to share content remains private (that is what is known as social dark and ranging from a link via email to apps messaging), social networks are positioning themselves as great reference in vitalization content.

Especially Facebook, which is, according ShareThis, where 81% of the content disseminated via social media is shared. Twitter, meanwhile, has lost share, and in recent months has had to settle for 6% of the total, down from 7% of Pinterest.

However, keep in mind that although Facebook is by far the platform on which we share more content, there are certain themes that work best in other social networks. So, for we prioritize purchases related options, and in the case of financial information, sports and news content, Twitter is the queen.

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