Top ways to add value to your home

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There are lots of ways to add value to your home. Some are big investments, such as an extension, but there are lots of smaller projects you can get stuck into. Let’s look at five practical tips you can use to boost your home’s value.
1. Redecorate

One of the easiest ways to add pounds onto your house is to give each room a fresh lick of paint and update any old fixtures. A neutral colour palette of soft shades – think whites, blue, and greys – will make each room feel lighter and more spacious.

2. Invest in a new heating system

Adding a new heating system, such as air source heat pumps, is another sure-fire way to boost your home’s value. Air source heat pumps are a great choice because they are eco-friendly and can reduce heating bills.

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3. Consider adding a garden office

Many people now work from home, so providing a readymade office space can be an excellent way to attract new buyers.

4. Install solar panels

Solar panels require an investment; however, they will not only significantly reduce energy bills and your home’s carbon emissions but also make it more appealing to eco-conscious prospective buyers.

5. Add more storage

Adding more storage to your home is quick and easy but can have a significant impact. Consider turning under-stair space into a useful cupboard or adding shelves to unused wall areas.

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The average UK house price in December 2023 was £284,691, according to HM Land Registry. This is a rise of 0.1 per cent from November.

If you are thinking of selling your home, now is the time to add extra value. Follow these tips and you will boost your home’s value and hopefully make the selling process quick and easy.

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