Easy ways to boost the kerb appeal of your property

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Homes with kerb appeal are attractive and valuable. Here are some tips to boost your home’s kerb appeal.

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Start with the door

Your front door attracts lots of attention, so make sure it leaves a good impression. Consider painting wooden doors in modern colours; for example, dark grey, deep blue and jade green are good options.

If you have uPVC doors or ones made from composite materials, clean them regularly with appropriate products. If you are looking for uPVC doors Stroud, you will find lots of options at companies such as https://www.truhouse.co.uk/double-glazing/doors/upvc-doors/stroud/.

Don’t forget your door numbers and knockers. Polish the metal regularly and replace them when they are old.

Use lighting

Outdoor lighting will make home seem more inviting. Add warm, energy-efficient lights near your driveway. Good lighting draws attention to your property’s characteristics and improves safety levels when it gets dark.

Clean your driveway

According to the HomeOwners Alliance, over two-thirds of home buyers believe kerb appeal matters when purchasing a property. Driveways influence kerb appeal, as they are the first thing people see when they visit your home.

Brick and concrete drives collect dirt easily, so they will need a good clean every few months. The same goes for decking and patios. Take the time to remove weeds, dirt and moss in these areas and see what a difference it makes.

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Paint the walls

Peeling paint and weather-damaged materials can make your home seem shabby. Give your property’s walls a new coat of paint or consider jet-washing the brickwork to give your home a new lease of life.

Properties with kerb appeal look beautiful and have high price points. Try some of the tips above and see how much better your home looks.

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