Brands have to be genuine and sincere to win the millennials in social networks

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How to really reach millennials in social networks

Millennials have become an obsession for brands who are trying to reach them either way and are trying to turn them into his new favorite brand. Millennials are not only the large group of consumers of today and tomorrow (just break into the consumer market and have also made hard) it is also one that requires manufacturers to be updated. The ideas and strategies of the past will not serve to connect with them and brands have to work to understand what it is they need and what is the key to reaching them.

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One of the elements for connecting with these consumers is social networks. The millennials are advanced and intensive users of the same, which makes these, are a very efficient way to connect with them and allow them to discover what the company wants to offer. But brands should not be left with platitudes and generalities if they want to connect with social media millennials. They have to be much more efficient and effective and must work to understand how they work brand-consumer relationships in the millennial universe and the social environment. In Marketing Prof they have established three realities that can help reach millennials in social networks.

It is necessary to distinguish the types of users

The millennials use of recurring and usual social networks and advanced users are the same. From the outside, it seems to spend the day connected to them, but the fact is that for very homogeneous they may seem from the outside as a group have completely different behavior patterns on the inside, which makes you have to strain to understand a separate and more especially to provide the tools for them to do in the social scene it really feel like doing.

As noted in the analysis, there are three types of social users: are the likers, sharers and content creators. That is, there are those who just give me love, who share what comes their way and who create their own content.

Patterns of social behavior they are all very different. The likers are, so to speak, users who stay on the ground, those who follow the tide and not usually engage in a very active way. They support an idea or a brand, but not really proactive to make reach others. They are the ones who give one and you’re like me and are, in fact, most of the followers. Sharers are the next step, not only to those who give me love, but also share contents to reach others. They are those who have to seduce when trying to create a viral, as they are the ones who make the messages remain in the profile of the brand. And content creators who are listed as influencers who not only create their own content, but also function as a sort of referee who says what to do to others. They are the least, but who have a longer range.

The brand has to be genuine and sincere achieve

One of the things that brands need to understand about millennials is that the information is for them natural. They will strive to understand what they see, to discover the truth and see if what you’re saying is real. Maybe other consumer groups I could tell you that a product is anything (the best on the market, the one with higher energy efficiency …) and give more or less good. The millennials are going to the network to investigate whether this is true. Therefore, manufacturers must be real and must adjust to what your redid. As explained in the analysis, once a millennials discover nothing but a lie.

Brands should never conceal information and must be-transparent as possible. This should also be maintained when mistakes are made or when faced with complex and negative situations. The truth must remain the guide. If you make a mistake, you ask forgiveness and move forward with humility. We must talk to consumers, we must ask things and we must learn to listen.

And you should never forget the taste

It may seem important or not very crucial issue in a world where things that can push the failure or success are many and more apparent importance. At the end of the day, is not it more important for a millennial honesty that tastes good? In fact, brands must not forget the good taste and must not lose sight of what they are doing and how it should be to connect with the millennial consumer. Things catch the eye and millennials are very critical of certain elements. You have to give up more or less seedy stock photos, at no very clear and attractive typefaces or somewhat seedy past banners. Brands have to look as presented to the world and how to package their messages.

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