18% of consumers turn to social media to air their grievances brands

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Brands must adapt to offer the same quality of service through social networks than any other channel.

Social networks have become a channel of customer service, they want brands or not. And although most customers prefer to ask your questions or make their claims for a more personal way, more and more people use Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms for such actions.

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This was revealed by a new study of Echo Managed Services, noting that nearly 1 in 5 consumers (18%) use social networks as a favorite channel to communicate a complaint to the company, rather than go to the phone, email or chat web. And it is that social networks are increasingly the scene that consumers also choose to openly express their complaints and bad experiences with brands.

Similarly 13% of respondents chose social media as a favorite channel for information, and 14% to make a reservation. And it may seem a small percentage, but growing every year and is demanding users with the care they receive: 1 in 3 consumers would switch brands if this gives a bad service through social networks.

All these data show consumer willingness to use social networks in a variety of situations, especially those complicated or make a complaint when they want to communicate and make particularly difficult the choice of equipment to manage them. Although the report decidedly bet by the Customer Service: “Because of the diverse nature of the messages received, we believe it should be managed primarily by the Customer Service who are experts in managing multi-channel requests the customers day after day, rather than by the marketing team. ” But they also stressed the need for both teams work hand in hand: “The real-time feedback to inform and direct consumer marketing communications, but an alarming degree of disconnection, in many cases, between the two departments.”

But half of consumers still prefer direct contact with an employee

Despite the rise of social networks, a situation to which brands must adapt to offer the same quality of service than in any other channel, the fact is most consumers continues to give priority to direct contact.

In fact, 53% of people choose to talk face to face or over the phone with a customer service employee first choice. In addition, the preference for direct contact is greater the more complicated it is a situation (for example, to solve a complex problem or to make a complaint). However, in the comfort simplest actions of other channels, for example, to inquire preferred channel chosen by more people it is the email).

And what do they value good customer service? A quick response, the ability to respond exactly (and clearly) to the issues raised, good education, and in the case of the phone call, to be attended by a person and not an automated menu.

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